Monday, November 21, 2022


My cold has receded somewhat, leaving a bit of chesty cough behind. I turned the heat on today, and otherwise cosseted myself. No walking.


My sister and her husband will be here tomorrow. You may or may not hear from me during the following week


And, indeed, you won’t hear much today. No knitting – always an ominous symptom.


And I failed at Wordle. No excuse.


  1. The only way I got worlde today was by using a hint from on line... I'm so ashamed. Lol

  2. Mary Lou6:52 PM

    I hope your cosseting helps your health. Enjoy you visit with family!

  3. Haven't tried wordle yet. I had an idea about the cats appropriating your knitting; couldn't you leave a piece on unwanted knitting on the table as a decoy? Or are your cats too savvy?
    Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. Turning the heating on an cosseting yourself sounds like a good plan.

  4. =Tamar7:30 PM

    Cosseting, a.k.a. taking care of your health, is a good thing. Maybe an extra serving of something would help - "feed a cold, feed a fever" is the new version. The decoy knitting sounds good too, worth a try!

  5. Hope you'll feel better soon, Jean, and fit enough to get full enjoyment from your sister visit. Wordle today took a while but got it in three - seemed to be only one possibility after I'd sat there for a while with pencil and paper, trying different letters.

  6. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I think you would have to handle your decoy knitting every now and then and appear to be knitting it. Some, (maybe all) cats are pretty canny. In my early knitting days our cat never touched my knitting until I took the last few stitches to a bed I was making for Her. Then she watched me eagerly and as soon as it left my hands to place it on the floor she jumped right onto it and snuggled in. The only knitting she ever was interested in. Have a good time with your sister! Chloe

  7. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Enjoy the precious time with your sister!
    hope you feel better soon
    Lisa RR