Sunday, November 06, 2022


CATS: Daniela was touchingly unwilling to leave yesterday because she hadn’t seen Perdita. I wasn’t worried. I had seen her first thing in the morning, when I fed the cats. But Daniela persisted, and eventually found her, in the front passage, near the front door.


I didn’t see her again for the rest of the day (she is that sort of cat). I didn’t see her this morning when I fed Paradox. By then I was seriously worried. C. came this morning, thank goodness, and we searched together. Paradox was constantly at my ankles. “You call KittyKittyKitty. Here I AM. What’s the matter?” She said she was hungry, and had finished all her breakfast, so I fed her again. And it may have been the sound of the ring-pull that brought Perdita out of hiding. She was in the front passage again. All is well.


C. and I then got around the garden. I have been pretty idle otherwise – no knitting. That was an Ominous Symptom last September, before my first hospitalisation. If I am to knit a hap for that April baby, I can’t afford many such days.


Wordle: I scored three, like Mark and Ketki, and felt rather pleased with myself for a while. But Alexander and Roger (my brother-in-law in DC, who has reappeared) both got two. Theo and Thomas and Daughter-Rachel scored five. And Rachel had three greens in her starter word.

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  1. =Tamar6:53 PM

    Glad to hear you got around the garden. I find there is a quiet period after socializing. Once you start on the sweater again life should settle down. Cats don't usually like their routine upset; maybe that's why Perdita is skulking -- too many visitors? Is she watching to see if they come back? Maybe you could knit her a little guard's uniform.