Friday, November 04, 2022


All being well, Rachel and Ed should be speeding towards London at this very moment. But you can’t trust the trains these days. They are much missed, already. They planned and shopped and cooked and washed up with great industry. Now Daniela and I have a fortnight or so to regroup before my sister and her husband arrive.


I have knit more of Fergus’ sweater. I finished a skein this morning, wound and attached the next. That always feels like progress. That is progress. I’ve had some problems today with mis-crossed cables. I haven’t frogged. Didn’t even consider it. They will have to go forward as features.


We had a most interesting essay on colour this morning from Kate Davies, as part of her current club-that-will-be-a-book called “Allover”. I think she is more sensitive to colour than I am. I do find, though, that it’s a good idea for me to knit cheering colours, preferably red, during these gloomy weeks as we approach the winter solstice. I cheer up of my own accord after that – especially when the returning light becomes perceptible around Groundhog Day.


Wordle: Three for Alexander and Mark today, four for the majority of us, five for Thomas. I am making some progress with my project of making my 4’s column longer than the 5’s. Currently, 84 to 79.


  1. Mary Lou1:15 AM

    I got three today but the third one took me a long time! I do think bright colors are cheering. I have a friend who says red socks are warmer!

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Kate Davies’ essay sounds fun. I always like discussions about color. Chloe