Sunday, November 13, 2022


We had a grand time at Mass. It was a beautiful day, sunny and windless. The University chaplaincy, served by Dominicans, is approached through their small garden, and just outside the gate is a disabled parking space. It was empty when we got there so we bagged it, and displayed my new Disabled Badge. A great moment. It was good to be back there, after so long. C. has been going recently, and says that numbers were up today.


Not much else. I knit a bit, and indeed joined in another skein of yarn. I spent a lot of time with the FT, thinking about Christmas presents. When we were young and poor, those Christmas Suggestion pages in the paper always suggested things absurdly out of our financial reach. Now that I am old and relatively well off, the same thing is true. Which Queen was it, Red or White?, who had to run hard to stay in the same place? Still, I found one or two suggestions.


And there was a good article from Kate Davies about choosing colours for the slipper pattern she has just issued to the Allover club. Not in the FT, of course: in my inbox.


Wordle: Three for me and Theo. We were the best. Four for Ketki, Alexander and Thomas. Five for Mark. Daughter-Rachel failed, but it was worth it for the shape of her grid. I have never seen the like. Her starter word gave her two greens, both vowels. Her second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth guesses produced identical results. So the grid consists of those two green columns and absolutely nothing else. My two starter words gave me the same two greens, but I had two browns as well and found it easy from there.


  1. Anonymous8:27 PM

    I love hearing your Wordle scores. Congratulations on a 3 today.
    I have been thinking about Perdita. Is she still mostly hiding? Perhaps you should have her checked at the vet. Cats often hide if they are ill.
    Sarah in Manhattan

  2. =Tamar1:40 AM

    It was the Red Queen's Race. The White Queen slept.
    Those suggestion pages were always full of absurdly expensive things and I could rarely even imagine why anyone would want them anyway. There used to be a category "for the man who has everything" and most of them fit into it.

  3. Mary Lou4:17 PM

    I recall watching that series, which of course, was history to me! I thought of you today, Jean, when I saw this article in the NYTimes: Your Cat Might Not Be Ignoring You When You Speak. “Unlike with dogs, cat behavior is difficult to study, which is part of why humans understand them less.”