Thursday, November 03, 2022


Rachel and Ed are here, shopping and cooking as well as making themselves agreeable in other ways. They will be much missed when they catch their afternoon train tomorrow.


Thank you for all your kind comments. I’m feeling much brighter, and actually had a respectable Wordle score this morning – a four, following two sixes and the day I didn’t finish and the day before that when I failed. 

I’m knitting cheerfully on with Fergus’ sweater. Maybe I’ll go back to the MKAL shawl one day. Maybe I won’t. But meanwhile, although I try hard not to have deadlines for my knitting – it’s meant to be soothing, and deadlines are stressful – Life Itself has imposed a couple:


a)     Fergus’ sweater really ought to be finished in time for the next Calcutta Cup match, which is on February 4, I believe. In the Good Old Days – not so long ago, at that – it was always the last match of the spring series, when all the home nations play each other plus France and now Italy. But now they schedule it for any old time.

b)    There’s a new great-grandchild due in April. I’m tempted to say, a new great-granddaughter to join the seven little girls in that category already. I get emails from the American Loop – they’ve got a nice-sounding yarn of their own, with some cashmere in it, washable, and a sweet and simple little baby jacket one could knit with it. But ordering from the US would be absurd.

c)     Then there’s Helen’s stripey Kate Davies pullover. I’ve forgotten its name. The replacement for the one she put in the washing machine. The replacement was too snug so I blocked it firmly and now it’s a bit too short. It’s top-down, and will be easy enough to lengthen, and there’s no deadline attached, but I don’t want to leave it tying around forever.

So I really ought to be pressing forward with that list.


Wordle: four this morning, as I said. And Daughter-Rachel also got four. We did it – completely independently of each other of course – sitting together at the kitchen table, which was very nice. We felt pleased with ourselves, but then, as the day unfolded, everybody else, without exception, scored three, and we felt a bit deflated.


Anonymous and Kirsten, we all agree that PINEY was unworthy to be Wordle’s 500th word.  That was one of my sixes, but that’s no comfort.



  1. Anonymous8:27 PM

    I like your list of does help to remind oneself of nice projects that just need a bit more work. I am often swayed by the aspect of casting on a new and interesting project, leaving behind a string of unfinished objects. I'm working from stash only and trying to be disciplined.
    I managed Wordle in 3 today after a disastrous attempt yesterday where I neglected to use two letters that were in the word. We all agree that PINEY is a terrible word. I wasn't even sure the spelling was right!
    I so enjoy your posts!
    Sarah in Manhattan

  2. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Agreed, Jean, re postponing the MKAL. No point in a passion turning into a punishment. A year later it may look quite different to you. In the meantime, you are free to do what you want, with nothing hanging over your head. All the rest of us knitters can relate. Chloe

  3. Someone has posted a pic of the Twists and Turrns shawl finished. It looked like a hot mess even though individual sections looked intriguing. I wonder how many of those 7000 projects will be completed, let alone worn.

  4. I too am looking for baby yarn for a little one due in the Spring. I'm making a trip to Texas for Christmas and can make space for a few skeins to bring back home to Dalkeith with me. Genuine offer, my email is if you'd like to coordinate something. I appreciate the tip as I'm out of touch about baby yarns.