Wednesday, November 09, 2022


Perdita was sitting by the inner door when I came along the passage this morning, after a night half-devoted to lying awake worrying about her and half to dozing to the sound of the radio telling me about the American elections. I haven’t seen her since, although others have. Helen and I are forming a plan to take Paradox to live with her (Helen) for a week or so, to see if Perdita will revert to being my cat. I’m not quite sure I could bear to do it. Paradox has faults of character, undoubtedly,  but she is my cat, too.


Anyway, it was otherwise not much of a day. Helen and my accountant came in the morning and went off with a lot of tax files. I spent a rather dopey afternoon, inattentively watching The Crown on my iPad while slowly knitting. Still, I made some progress.


Kate Davies’ Allover club produced an interesting essay this morning by a Shetland designer about choosing colours. And I tackled Craftsy and found that I can, indeed, with perseverance, recover Gudrun Johnston’s hap lessons. So the moral is to press on briskly with Fergus’ sweater.


Wordle: another four! But today that was a rather laggard score. Theo got two (I told you he was good).   Everybody else got three except for Alexander, who joined me with four. I’ve got the nicest grid of them all, though. My two starter words gave me four brown tiles, in the last four places. I hate anagrams, but I thought of a rather superior and perfectly qualified word for line three. My brown tiles were still in the last four places. But it was wrong, and yielded nothing except to eliminate the new letter I had used and to give me, for each tile, one more place where it couldn’t appear. I lept from there to the right answer. I hope I’ll be able to remember that superior word. I have started keeping track of the answers and my daily scores, but not of my brilliant wrong answers. I’ll tell you tomorrow if I can.


  1. As soon as I read Kate Davies' essay this morning, I sat down and did the exercise with my sweater quantity of fingering yarn to figure out what looked good. I think I follow her because of your recommendation. Thank you! I also play wordle because of your interest, barely made it this morning with a 6. I just wanted to say your blog is a bright spot in my day every time it appears.
    Jane from Illinois

  2. Rebecca in Minnesota11:23 PM

    It always amazes me, Jean, to discover our impact on other people. I've followed your blog for some years. Lately, you inspired me to take up Stephen's MKAL, which I first thought to abandon, but now am proceeding with because I found a contrasting color I liked, and saw some of the shawls worn with dignity and aplomb. Likewise, I almost always take a stab at Wordle upon reading of your group's efforts.