Monday, April 20, 2020

A good day. Utterly wonderful, weather-wise. Helen swept by and took me for my walk, a good thing. She has given up mosaic-making on the kitchen table and gone back to her studio. It is in a re-purposed school, big and roomy and there’s hardly anybody there. And I can be walked around the garden on her way in, in the morning.

The new VK is here, and I am more enthusiastic than I have been for a while. Kaffe, I’m afraid not. If you want to attempt overlapping squares – and they’re not easy – have a look at his “Islamic Stripe Patch” in “KF at the V&A”, one of my all-time faves. But I like the three green sweaters that follow, and the yoke sweater called “Geode” later on; and the “men’s textured sweaters” where you can hardly see the texture for the yarn. That’s a lot for me to like in one issue – and there’s plenty to read, too.

But it is odd to read a magazine which doesn’t know what is going on.

It is interesting to see what various people are doing to keep us afloat. Arne & Carlos have an interesting post about their books – not knitting books, but design inspiration. Queer Joe posts often, and interestingly, and cheerfully. Kate Davies also posts often, but is usually too arty and misty these days for my taste. I need knitting. The poor Harlot has had an appalling family tragedy. And the Socklady has had a fall – nothing broken, thank goodness, and she’s home from hospital (COVID-free), making light of it as is her wont.

Jamie Oliver is cooking from the back of the fridge, with his wife holding the camera. Rather effectively.

BBC Radio Four, which sustains me day and night, has got some gaps. They’re re-running Neil Macgregor’s “History of the World in 100 Objects” which is bliss – I don’t even mind hearing it twice in a day. Up until now The Archers have been drifting quietly on, COVID-free. Now it is to be suspended, while they work out how to record new episodes with the actors in different places. A letter in the Times this morning asks whether we can also expect the immanent departure of the ravens from the Tower of London.

And I think we’re due Andrew and Andrea this week.

Helen half-suggested this morning that I may never see the end of this. I fear she may be right.

Here's a cat picture to cheer us all up. Paradox, this morning, sitting in a corner of the kitchen, clearly thinking about something,


  1. Thank you for the cat picture. Is that blue item on the floor a pen or pencil? And if so, did Paradox put it there? I have never known a cat to see a pen or pencil on a table without knocking it off. Maybe that is what she is thinking about.

    If you visit Ravelry there is a thread "Cats helping with yarncrafts (photo thread)" which, as the title suggests, has many cat pictures. It also has many participants from Australia. This means that when I get up at 5:30 a.m. here in Texas there are lots of new comments and pictures to see, which has been a blessing in these worrisome times. If you want to have a look it's in the Forums, Main Boards, Loose Ends.

  2. =Tamar9:46 PM

    Handsome kitty. Goodness, your kitchen has nice large drawers. It's still quiet in this neighborhood, though the people just up the hill have returned to playing basketball in their tiny yard, a sound I hadn't heard in several years.

  3. Anonymous10:20 PM

    "Now where did I leave that mouse..?"

    She is a beautiful cat.


  4. Maybe Paradox is luring Perdita into the drawer so she can shut her in. Silly girl, Perdita’s too clever for that ruse.

  5. How nice that there is lovely weather and Helen to get you out to enjoy it. I'm worrying now that everyone will want to plant gardens and I won't be able to lay my hands on seedling and seed potatoes. Small troubles, but I do look forward to the garden so much.

    1. It is a problem. There are little seeds available at stores and even web-orders are weeks behind. I am going to have to save some of my seeds for next year as it will be too late to plant for transplants this year.

    2. It's certainly the case at the seed companies I usually order a few things from here in the US - my plans for this year's gardening are going to have to shift a bit! But I have lots of my favorite winter squash seeds saved from last year, so I just blogged an offer to send some to anyone who would like them. I hope many people take me up on it - sharing seeds is such a happy, hopeful thing :)

  6. Paradox is beautiful. It certainly looks as if she is making plans.

  7. Yes, but the other half of Helen's suggestion is that you will emerge blinking into the sunshine as we all will, ready to set off on that cruise around the islands. Keep up the exercise so you can make it up the gangway.

  8. Here in Maryland courts are closed to the public until 6/8/20. In the meanwhile, we have only emergency hearings via an online service. Thankfully our governor (though a Republican) has not drunk of the Cool-Aid in the Trump administration and is looking out for our safety. Bless him. Three of six of my adult kids live here with us and I am grateful they are. So much help with shopping, cooking, etc. We have to be careful not to intrude into the business meetings of the others, but that aside, we're doing OK. So glad your dear ones are there for you, Jean:)!