Sunday, September 25, 2022


Helen is safely home. She has been teaching mosaic-making on Mount Pelion, and will be teaching it again here in Edinburgh tomorrow and Tuesday. She popped in after getting the studio set up for action, looking – not unsurprisingly – rather drawn. I hope she’s tucked up in bed by now. Greece is two hours later than we are.


C. came this morning. We didn’t walk, due to my feebleness. I have been busy arranging various aspects of the last week of November, when my sister and her husband and a friend will be here. The friend has had to be lodged elsewhere, alas. We will all – including the friend’s temporary landlord – go out for a non-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving on the Thursday of that week.


I knit a bit. I am going to have to grit my teeth and face up to the fact that I can’t knit and read while there is so much attention to be paid.


Wordle: I scored my much-desired four. When C. was here this morning, she let slip the identity of the final letter and I ought to be embarrassed to say that I was delighted. I had it as a brown, and knew that it had to be in one of two positions. And furthermore, while we’re talking about indiscretions, here’s one for you: my third line was BATIK. It was a perfectly valid guess, although thoroughly wrong. I was proud of myself for knowing (vaguely) what it meant, and I hope the NYT was impressed. Four was today’s popular score: Ketki, Alexander, Rachel, Thomas. Theo needed six. Nothing from Mark. One of the great things about this little game is that almost everybody wins.


  1. Mary :Lou1:48 AM

    I discovered, completely by accident, that there is an "Ask Word Bot" on the page that shows your scores. It analyses the word choices you made. Rather fun.

  2. =Tamar9:41 PM

    I don't think I've ever managed to knit and read. Maybe audiobooks could work, but not if it's anything I'd have to pay attention to.
    I got the latest vaccination, for the omicron variant. They threw in a flu shot, which hurt more than the omicron did; I didn't know you could get two at once.