Friday, September 16, 2022

Life begins to reassume some of its normal dimensions, such as worrying about how much it is going to cost to keep warm in this rapidly-approaching winter. I didn’t walk today – Daniela came late and couldn’t stay long, because of a dentist’s appt. Tomorrow I am going on an adventure.  C. will take me to Roslyn to see the two remaining kittens – now seven seeks old, perhaps – and to meet Quinn who hadn’t yet been born when I was last there.


I hope when all this is over next Monday, the media can relax and start referring to the “King” and the “Queen” instead of, as now, the constant “King Charles III” and “Queen Consort”.


Here is the Evendoon, still very slightly damp:


Daniella figured out that if you fold the sleeves across the chest, you can fold the towel across the sweater and protect it from the cat. Daniela is good at figuring things out.


I’ve heard from Fergus (who is currently in Egypt). He expresses a slight preference for the green which you can see here, but defers to my decision. I have ordered the red, called “Rhubarb”. I think the green is boring. I think the sweater is greatly improved by being lengthened, which involved knitting the ribbing in Rhubarb to keep the stripe sequence right. The ribbing was previously green. (Top-down, remember.) There’s nothing like a compromise which ends up with one doing what one wants.


Today I knit some Coofle and also some of the random-Shetland-stripes. Crochet66 (comment yesterday). You’re right, I’ve got the Mooch kit, and, what’s more, I know exactly where it is. I am reluctant to start it since I am so soon to start two things, Fergus’ sweater and the MKAL, and have so many UFO’s drifting about. Daniela can be relied upon never to throw anything away, and she’s brilliant at finding things I have mislaid, but I think there has been some random tidying.


Wordle: Major distress about today’s word. Somebody found something on Twitter saying that fewer than 50% got it, whereas the usual success rate is above 90%. Rachel and I got it in six; Alexander, Ketki and Mark all failed (unheard of!); Thomas miraculously scored four. I am glad not to have broken my winning streak, and not to have affected the competition between my Fours and my Fives (see yesterday). I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the word, once midnight passes and it’s OK to discuss it.


  1. I started doing wordle following your interest. I do fail upon occasion, and have been known to use a website for hints. Today, though, I got the answer in three!

  2. Ridiculous word! I had 4 letters but not the centre one, and it took all 6 tries to get it.

  3. Anonymous10:41 PM

    It took me 6 guesses, and the other 3 in my group failed. A thoroughly difficult word. Your tomorrows word took me 3.

  4. MAry Lou11:29 PM

    A fail at Wordle today, as well. Irritating. I've started Savory Knittings Pressed Flowers Hat. I'm going to teach a class on it - stretchy cast on and mosaic knitting. I made the shawl and it was really fun.

  5. =Tamar12:40 AM

    Or you could put another towel on top of it. You could even safety-pin the towel's corners to prevent its being dragged off.

    Two UFOs worked on! Gosh.
    I'm fond of a good green but that red is good too.

  6. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Just a gorgeous sweater!

  7. Yes, ridiculous word! I failed - and usually get them in line four, often in line three, after two starter words. That rhubarb red really is a good colour, and the sweater looks great.

  8. Anonymous4:36 AM

    The sweater is beautiful. Such a lovely combination of colours.
    Ron in Mexico.

  9. Anonymous11:09 AM

    I like certain greens when enlivened with a touch of red - its opposite on the color wheel. Glad you chose rhubarb! Chloe

  10. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Dear Jean, you may believe you are beyond this point in terms of exercise but I think as long as we are alive it is never too late. Through a knitting p-related blog which advocates muscle strength training for seniors, I googled “exercise for over 80” and found This website gives at least one relatively simple weight-and-balance targeted exercise using only a chair and two small books or soup cans. It may be almost impossible to do at first - and you would need someone with you! - but done daily or at least frequently - might help you improve your muscle strength. Do you remember Jack La Lanne, the 1950s-1960s exercise guru? He went swimming in the ocean every day into his 90s. A lot is still possible. Including maybe walking without a cane, Chloe

  11. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Of course, Jean, I am not in your shoes, and this is just a piece of information to ponder pr discard depending on your own situation.

  12. Mary Lou1:56 PM

    I neglected to add that the Rhubarb is the perfect choice! Gorgeous sweater!

  13. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Beautiful sweater!
    I failed at Wordle yesterday (Friday) but managed to get today's in 3. Both my sisters also failed yesterday, so I was somewhat mollified. The worst was that I had 4 letters in the right place on the 3rd try and couldn't get it right 3 more times!!!
    Sarah in Manhattan