Thursday, September 15, 2022


The Evendoon is finished – and I mean finished-finished. Blocked and laid out to dry on the spare room bed. I secured the extra circumference I wanted without difficulty, and since I’ve spent the last few days lengthening it, that dimension shouldn’t be too adversely affected. We won’t know for sure until Helen gets back from Greece. In the old days, when Perdita and I were younger than we are now, she used to pull pins out of severely blocked Shetland lace as I was putting them in, and I was terrified that she would try to eat one. So I have blocked the Evendoon without pinning it. (The spare room is now Perdita’s room, where she can get away from That Dreadful Cat; I couldn’t possibly shut her out.) Without pins, will the wool contract as it dries?


I am left with nothing to do – nothing, anyway, that I much want to knit. Finish those socks for Ketki. Find the Machu Picchu. KD’s Coofle doesn’t even seem to have made it to the sidebar. I started it on our first cruise last year, finished the initial corrugated rib (no small achievement) and a couple of plain-vanilla inches beyond. The trouble with that is that it’s Millarochy Tweed (KD again) and I don’t really like knitting with it all that much. It doesn’t flow through the fingers in a very satisfactory way. I hope I’ll hear from Fergus soon about what he wants for his Calcutta Cup sweater. And I’m keenly looking forward to my Westknits MKAL. But both of those are in the future. What about tonight and tomorrow?


It's an unusual situation for me. Usually when I finish something, the next project is there and crying out to be cast on.


We had a lovely autumn day. Daniela and I didn’t get very far into the garden, but at least we tried. Archie looked in briefly – he is all alone with the dog until Helen gets back from Greece at the end of next week.


Wordle: Four for me and Thomas and Rachel. Four is my favourite score; it’s better than three, even, because I want my fours total to be better than my fives. It’s currently within two – 66 to 68. Alexander and Ketki got it in three. Mark is today’s star with two.







  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    My husband got today’s in two, as well. I needed FIVE. Jean, Rainbow Knit Blockers may be useful to you — each has a set (row) of pins imbedded in a hard plastic base, making it impossible for Perdita to isolate a pin and ingest it. I find the bright colors make blocking less tedious. (And I have no affiliation with the manufacturer or with any vendor.) I’ll put a link below. (The Other Kristen)

    1. Anonymous6:15 AM

      I use those sets of pins too (also for cat friendly reasons). JennyS

  2. When you bought the Lilias Day kit, did you buy the Mooch kit as well? Would that be something to think about now?

  3. =Tamar11:30 PM

    It should be all right. Sweaters are expected to be flexible and stretch as required, unlike lace which is expected to hold itself open.

    How about doing a row or two on the random EPS in the sidebar? That doesn't commit you to anything, as it can be put down at any point.

  4. Rebecca in Minnesota2:32 AM

    You have inspired me to sign up for my first ever MKAL. I'll be knitting with the Malabrigo Matisse Blue, one of the few kits left. Fortunately, I like it very much.

  5. Mary Lou2:54 AM

    I often use socks as a palate cleanser, but sometimes, it just seems too boring. I received a text and photo of the procession from one of my brothers today who was in Edinburgh during the funeral procession. I knew he was planning a trip to Scotland, but didn’t realize how it worked out. He said it was not really so good to be there for the historic moment because of crowds, crush, and everything being closed.

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      On the other hand, he can say that he WAS there for the historic moment. Perhaps in retrospect that will be worth remembering.
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)