Friday, September 30, 2022


No walk. It was rainy and a bit wild this morning. Better now, but I’m really not fit for walking in the afternoon. And anyway, no one's here. I can't get myself and a walking machin down the steps without help.


The knitting has progressed well. Too well – my starter marker fell out and I was nearly a quarter of the way around repeating what I had just done,  before I noticed. Careful tinking and restoration and all is more or less well. It was easier to unkick and restore that cable panels than the Calcutta Cup ones. The westknit MKAL starts next week (Wed or Thur). Great excitement. I must get the Calcutta Cup band done before that happens. Should be easy, barring disaster.


I think you’re probably right about the meaning of “wool room”, Tamar (query and comment yesterday). An 18th century house was a village in itself; it’s reasonable to suppose that they would have cleaned, spun and woven wool in-house. And that the family would have gone on referring to the “wool room” long after the actual space was used for storing canned beans.


Wordle: A remarkable uniformity today. Almost all of us (including me) scored three. The exceptions were the two most recent arrivals – Theo and Granddaughter Rachel. He nailed it in two, she needed four.



  1. Mary Lou6:10 PM

    I read Bowen’s Court at least 40 years ago - I must not have been curious enough to try and figure out what the wool room was. I should revisit it. I have the new Kate Atkinson on hold at the library.

  2. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Wordle took 6. Am I the dunce today? Anon Janet in overcast Seattle

  3. =Tamar5:05 AM

    Cold and sprinkling here with occasional rain. We huddle and prepare for potential high winds. Two trees lost smaller limbs a week or so ago, in ordinary high wind; I hadn't thought those trees were so brittle. Meanwhile, I read. Congratulations on the Wordle scores.