Tuesday, February 14, 2023

 A painful and exciting day: my iPad died quietly yesterday evening, after I wrote to you.


The iPad is closely woven into every waking hour around here. I get up in the morning, get dressed, feed the cats, sit down at the kitchen table with plenty of time before breakfast, and look at my email. Then I do Wordle, post the result to my little group, enter the day’s word and my score in a list I keep in the Notes app, then settle down with the morning paper. That’s five different applications before I’ve had breakfast. My current reading book, Old Filth, is in there, and my current knitting pattern. My camera: I couldn’t take a picture of my knitting today after all. No 14=year-old could be more devoted to a telephone.


The difficulty is that it won’t respond to the screen. I can’t log in. By pushing various buttons I can get a screen that says “Slide to power off” – but it won’t slide. Both Daniela and a computer-savvy friend have suggested waiting until it runs out of power. That will force a Power Off which might prove useful.


But it will take days longer than I can bear to wait. Helen has gone up to John Lewis and bought me a new one. She will be here soon. The next problem is that I have no idea what my Apple Identity is, so it may prove difficult to reinstate my life.


Knitting, although unphotographed, progresses well (and I won’t need to look at the pattern for several days). I fancy that I begin to be aware that there are fewer stitches, just as I am certainly aware that the days are lighter. I think maybe the new feature mentioned yesterday is going to look all right after all.


Elizabeth in Oregon, thank you. “Hide My Eyes” (comment Sunday) was indeed the Marjorie Allingham novel I was trying to think of.


Wordle: I did it this morning on this laptop computer – an easy three. But what’s the use without my stats or my little group?



  1. Mary Lou7:10 PM

    Oh, dear! I do hope you have the Apple ID somewhere. It is possible to get it retrieved, but it would be much simple if you didn't need to do that. Do you have things backed up to a cloud somewhere? If not, it may still be possible for the apple store to retrieve things. Fingers crossed!

  2. A tablet, (mines a Samsung, not apple) soon becomes so much a part of life. Fingers crossed...

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I don’t think you are the only one this has happened to. It might be a royal pain but I think it all can be retrieved. The serial number which identifies it is engraved on the back of your iPad device. I think that is number one in helping to identify it - although I think just your name may suffice - but having the serial number will make it easier. Do you have automatic back-up? That may be crucial. I write much later than everyone else. All may be sorted by now. Chloe