Thursday, February 23, 2023

 Another nice spring day. Bath, exercises, knitting. I’m now well-launched into the k2tog, yo round, and have made a start, at least, on arranging my colours for the excitement to follow. Yesterday involved a lot of stitch-counting, and so far it would appear that I’ve got everything right. I hope you’re right, Beth, that Old Shale is going to be a treat. I am slightly apprehensive.


What am I going to do about blocking? Teach Daniela how to do it, I suppose. I often block lace by spreading a sheet on the floor over a carpet. I wonder if I would dare get down on my knees and crawl about and at least show Daniela what we’re trying to do. That would depend on her being able to get me to my feet again, and might be a bit risky.


Anonymous, thank you for the Gardam recommendations. I’m currently reading the last of the Old Filth trilogy. Both Filth and his wife were dead by the end of volume two. She’s going on with some local friends, and back into the early history of an important character.


Wordle: Alexander and Ketki logged in early, presumably still from a distant continent. Five for her, four for him, and I thot, Oh, dear, it must be another toughie, and was delighted with myself for scoring three. My starters had produced three vowels, one green, two brown. Delight lasted less than an hour. Both Thomas and Daughter Rachel also got three, and then Mark blew us all out of the water with two. Theo needed five: small comfort.


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    For blocking, could you get a set of foam blocking mats that would fit on a dining table / kitchen table? Daniela could help with turning it round so that each side in turn is within reach of where you are sitting. Or could you block on a spare bed? You would still need to move around but it would be off ground level. Or do you still have a LYS and could anyone there block for you? Fiona

  2. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I always block on a spare bed

  3. =Tamar1:43 AM

    This is possibly a silly idea, but along with Fiona's idea of foam blocks on a table, could you block one section at a time? I imagine it as slightly like ironing a large tablecloth.

    We had a lovely warm day here. Days are noticeably longer.

  4. Anonymous11:07 AM

    You could show Daniella a video of blocking, so she can see the process. Webs has a nice one, using blocking wires
    Phyllis in Florida

  5. Anonymous6:19 PM

    I have tried blocking by safety pinning onto a large sheet which then gets hung over the bannister. It worked ok.