Thursday, February 16, 2023

 Not a bad day. Helen came. We didn’t attempt a walk. We got some business done, including getting a new set of my pills from the chemist and booking poor Paradox in for being spayed. And ran through a little set of exercises which I have embarked on and which Daniella can drill me through on days when Helen can’t come.


And the knitting moved forward nicely. I’ve now got fewer than 100 stitches in the centre of the hap. There were 144 at the max. The rows definitely feel shorter.


We have an appt with a private orthopaedic surgeon on March 13, but have no idea how soon after that date surgery might follow. My ambition is to finish the borders of this hap before then. Knitting the simple lace edging on would be ideal convalescent knitting. It is a procedure of which I am particularly fond. The baby is due in late April.


The iPad continues to behave well. I do agree, E. (comment yesterday), that I need a laptop as well. I much prefer the solidity of a keyboard for my evening sessions here at the blogface. And I can’t give up Freecell. This laptop is old and slow.


Wordle: four for me today, and for a few others. My starter words gave me two vowels, one brown, one green, but I couldn’t think of anything to fit. So I resorted to a Jean-word, and it did the trick. I now had three greens and the end was in sight. Theo and Ketki got it in three. Alexander and Thomas needed five. Today’s star was my daughter Rachel: her starter word gave her one brown. She lept straight from there to the answer in a dazzling two.



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  1. =Tamar6:30 PM

    That's a good plan to have convalescent knitting ready. If the surgery is sooner than expected, could you do a hat or baby socks?