Friday, February 03, 2023


There is very little to report. I had a much better night, and am almost fully restored to my feeble norm. No walking, though. I cooked myself the third of this week’s four Mindful Chef meals. It was a vegan effort, with tofu, and I didn’t care for the result much, but I think I ate enough to have it count as a healthy meal. Daniela brought me some homemade soup which will be a pleasanter supper.

Thank you for all your comments about my fall. The frame I push around the house has wheels in front and little ski-s in back, I have a larger model with four wheels and a seat that lifts up to reveal a compartment for my sausages (if I could walk as far as the butcher's). I use that outdoors. Both actually belong to the NHS. Both seem bad for posture. I don't think I've ever seen a triangular one such as you describe, Shandy. It sounds rather interesting.

The literature I have been given to read suggests that after the operation I will walk at first with two sticks. 


I got on with the knitting. I now have 100 stitches marked off in the centre, so all I have to do is count a total of 44 at the two ends – they’re not the same – and I’m done. Well, half-done. Half-done with the centre of the hap. Still, it’s a start.


Poor Helen has made so many mosaics that her hand has frozen. Knitting has never done that to me.


Wordle: Another three for me – two in a row! And this word was a bit harder – only Big Rachel joined me with three. Theo needed six, and Thomas five. Four for everybody else. Lots of them, at least five people, whatever their final score, got hung up on ???, grn, grn, grn. grn. Mark and I were spared that configuration because our starters gave us the first letter.


Calcutta Cup Day tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    When I had my hip done recently (at age 63) I used forearm crutches, more stable than just sticks.

  2. Mary Lou11:41 PM

    It took me six today_ one of those times when I had four correct and just kept plugging in a different consonant. Poor Helen - massage? I do get sore from tome to time but not frozen. Picking up those little bits must be challenging to the hands.

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    My sympathies to Helen. I hope she is getting proper treatment and can find a somewhat satisfactory activity during the recovery process since her options will be inevitably limited….It will be great when you will no longer need your walker/zimmer wardrobe (especially if you should be contemplating that triangle thingie). Modern medicine isn’t perfect but it sure beats the Dark Ages. (Just trying a little humor - I hope. You know - laughter is the best medicine.) Chloe

  4. =Tamar9:47 PM

    That was fast work despite lengthening rows. Now the knitting should go faster, as you will be decreasing. I admit I don't quite understand why one side has more stitches than the other, but no doubt it makes sense somehow.
    I hope Helen can get treatment; i second the suggestion of massage.