Friday, February 10, 2023

 Today’s big news is that Fergus (Helen’s youngest son) passed his driving test. Second attempt. Great joy all round.


Having dispatched him back to Bristol University, Helen came here and instead of making me walk, put me through some exercises and showed Daniela what I should do every day. (I’m pretty sure I distinguished “every day” amidst the Greek they speak to each other.) They are simple-sounding exercises, surprisingly tiring. They are recommended in a booklet the NHS gave me, for doing before hip surgery as well as after.


So that was a strenuous morning, but the knitting progressed somewhat. I now lack but one row of tedious knitting to finish off the numerals and the apostrophe -- ’23 -- in my Calcutta Cup panel. There are then two more simple rows on top of the cup itself, to suggest the elephant which occupies that space in real life. And then the containing square to be finished off. It would be nice to get the tedious bits done tomorrow morning so that I can knit a bit during the afternoon rugby – Scotland v Wales.


In the good old days, Wales turned out en masse for their matches here in Edinburgh – with their sisters and their cousins and their aunts and their daffodils and their leeks. I hope it is still so. I move so little that I wouldn’t know. There are none in Drummond Place.


And I’m getting on fine with Sense and Sensibility, although you’re right, Tamar (as always) – it’s not very cheerful. I can’t have read it very often. I remember the basic situation, and Willoughby of course – no one could forget Willoughby. But there have been some surprises – I had forgotten that there was a duel. And I don’t know, even now, what fate awaits the heroine.


Wordle: Ketki and Mark were today’s winners: home in three. Four for the majority, including me. Roger trailed in with six. He got stuck in the same Wordle-configuration as Rachel and Alexander and I: grn, grn, grn, ???, grn.  Mark and Ketki seemed to need only the central letter to go straight for the solution.  The others got the same score of four from different directions.


  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I've rea "S&S" many times and I don't remember a duel either. Perhaps it's time to re-read it. We do watch the Emma Thompson/Kate Winslet film so often that we can recite the dialogue. Alan Rickman as the Colonel....

  2. =Tamar5:39 AM

    The films change things and sometimes I get confused. I recall the duel as being in the past, but now I think it was just off-stage, reported third or fourth hand, as Austen usually does that with the more shocking events.

    Goodness, you have made rapid progress with the Cup knitting.
    Now that Helen has gone over it, you may feel more confidence in the exercises, that you are doing them correctly, I mean. I have been doing very mild ones for my arms and I have noticed an improvement already.

  3. Anonymous6:09 AM

    The exercises, both before and after the surgery, make an amazing difference to how well one recovers and to how much mobility is regained. Good for you for getting prepared.

  4. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Oh, and I am very partial to all of Jane Austen's works. I can never decide which one I enjoy the most. I am about to embark on a re-read of all six, maybe a few weeks apart to allow time for viewing different adaptations and so on. I shall get out my S and S this afternoon, since you have reminded me of it.

  5. =Tamar2:01 PM

    How did I forget - congratulations, Fergus! D