Thursday, February 02, 2023

Groundhog Day

Just what was wanted – a uniformly grey day, not particularly cold. There was half an hour, maybe less, of bright sunshine in mid-morning. We’ll have to hope that Edinburgh groundhogs didn’t pick that moment to emerge.


I fell yesterday evening, on my way back to the kitchen after writing to you. Not very hard, and no damage was done, but there I was sitting on the floor. I crawled to a chair and hoisted my bottom on to it, sat for a while, then drank a glass of Complan and went to bed, where a fairly restless night ensued. I’m fully recovered now, or nearly, but it was an unnerving and uncomfortable experience. One of my main reasons for going ahead with expensive private hip surgery is in the hope of reducing the risk of falls.


What happened yesterday was that I was carrying the iPad under my arm as I pushed the zimmer frame along. As often. It slipped to the floor, and I slipped trying to pick it up. The iPad is fine, too. I have now tied a knitting project bag securely to the cross bar of the zimmer frame and will henceforth carry it in that.


Despite all this excitement I progressed well this morning with the canter square of the hap I’m knitting.


Wordle: every single one of us scored three or four today. I was one of the threes, I’m pleased to report. Maureen, thank you for your note about SCOBY (comment yesterday). I’m sure you’re right, that that’s why Wordle wouldn’t accept it. Another little achievement: the NYT scorecard tells you your overall average. Mine is rather dim, dating from those early days when I used lots of Jean-words. My technique has tightened up a lot since I joined our little group, and my ambition has been to get my average up to 90 before my 90th birthday in the summer. Well, today I achieved it! 


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Jean, my father-in-law (who is 98-and-a-half) has a walker that also has a seat, and the “lid” of the seat lifts to reveal a storage area. With six weeks until your consultation with the surgeon, perhaps investing in a walker like that would be a good idea.

    1. Anonymous6:29 PM

      (Sorry, this is Kristen in NY State)

  2. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Congratulations on reaching your WORDLE goal, Jean!
    Good idea to attach a carrying bag to your Zimmer frame so your hands remain on the walker. Not sure if your zimmer is the same as a walker (no wheels). The “rollators” (with wheels, and often a seat) are not usually recommended if you have balance difficulty. Also, many require you to bend forward, thereby causing poor posture and you tend to look downward rather than up and forward. Usually following hip surgery there’s an initial period of time during which you’ll use a walker. Perhaps if you need to invest in a different model you might want to be sure it’s appropriate for post hip recuperation. Just some thoughts …. My information may be rusty or dated so best to inquire!

  3. My brother-in-law is an anaesthetist attending to patients undergoing surgery for broken bones. The walker he obtained for his step-mother was triangular and had wheels
    and a shelf. It seemed very stable and served very well.
    Well done you, though, for coping with what must have been a shock. It suggests that you have a fair amount of strength in your upper body if you were able to get from floor to chair unaided.

  4. I admire you for saying outright that you took a tumble, and also your resourcefulness in getting upright again. Most unnerving and complan and bed was a good remedy! There are modern walkers where you rest your forearms on specially formed arm rests, allowing a more upright posture.
    I bumped down several stairs before Christmas and felt a) foolish and b) scared to begin with. It has taken 8 weeks for me to be happy to sit down. Hope yare not too bruised.

  5. Shortly after I went home from hospital after a repair to my femur I was given an apron with several good-sized pockets. Using that meant that both hands were free to allow me to use the crutches and walker safely. Such a useful item, handmade too.

  6. =Tamar11:03 PM

    Ouch. A couple of years ago I tripped on a corner of a box and fell. No real injury but I felt very foolish. (I moved the box, of course.) The bag is a good idea. The apron sounds useful too, for more than just the iPad, e.g. books; pen and paper can be useful too, and phone if the iPad doesn't do that.
    Congratulations on the improved score!

  7. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Congratulations on your Wordle goal, Jean! I, too, have fallen because I had something in my hand and therefore couldn’t break my fall.
    No fun! Chloe