Sunday, February 12, 2023


It might well be called another day of non-achievement, but a very pleasant one. C. came and got me for an early Mass. Then we came back here and I nerved myself up for a family Zoom quiz.


While I was sitting in the kitchen preparing myself , I heard a loud, crisp explosion. It could also have been, as I know from a late, excellent Marjorie Allingham  the name of which I can’t remember, the sound of a heavy object being dropped onto a marble surface. My first anxiety was that the fuse had blown which regulates my electric Aga, although fuses don’t normally make such a noise when they expire, and their demise is usually prompted by an event such as switching a light on. I was just sitting there.


The Aga, however, seems to be fine. So does everything else. What on earth? I suspect I’ll find out, although for the moment everything seems to be in order.


We had a jolly quiz session, perhaps the jollier because there was no one there much under 60. We talked a bit at the end about my 90th birthday. Alexander and his best friend Mark (of Wordle fame) weren’t able to celebrate their 6oth’s due to lockdown, and are soon to go off, with wives, to somewhere in Cheshire and hire in some superior cooks to cater for them. We could do something like that? I fear it might be too exciting.


But meanwhile no knitting or purposeful exercise. Back to work tomorrow.


Wordle: Three was the popular score today, including me. The popular pattern was ???, ???, grn. grn. grn, although I didn’t have that. The outliers were Thomas, with four; and Roger, who guessed wrong twice with the aforementioned configuration, five.


  1. .Mary McDonald6:43 PM

    Just read an article about haps in the Winter 2022 Piecework magazine. Thought of you!

  2. I got wordle in 2!!! Hip hip hip hooray! I got ? ?brn brn grn grn with my favourite starter word, so my options for the next try were very limited.

  3. =Tamar3:05 AM

    Goodness, a mystery. Could it have been a sound from elsewhere, sounding close? Or, I don't know, a can of something gone off? I knew someone who would buy cans of tomato paste and not use them, and the cans would eventually explode in the cupboard.
    Regardless, it sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

  4. Anonymous10:05 AM

    For my mother's 90th birthday we went for a meal at the place where her 21st party and her wedding reception were held. I don't think it was as posh as it had been 60 years ago, but she enjoyed it. The professional photo shoot at my sister's house beforehand was really worthwhile - great quality but informal photos that really captured mum and her relationships with children and grandchildren.

  5. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Maybe Perdita or Paradox dropped a can or something in such a way that it sounded like an explosion? Strange things do happen in households. As long as nothing dangerous has occurred….Your 90th, Jean. Such a milestone. I think I would at least nibble on a giant ice cream sundae. Chloe

  6. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Oh, oh, I know that one (at least literarily) - the Allingham novel is Hide My Eyes, and the Bad Guy had been practicing dropping a wooden crate suddenly onto a marble slab with plans to impersonate a delivery man in an office building to give the security guard a reason to assume it was that and not a gunshot.
    (Apparently we now need a Margery Allingham themed quiz?) I hope your mystery is solved soon.
    Elizabeth in Oregon