Wednesday, February 15, 2023

 Not a good photograph but, as you can see, the knitting progresses and I’ve got the use of an iPad. The difference in shades of the basic colour has been much exaggerated in this pic.


Indeed, it's my dear original iPad. Helen bought me a new one,  and came here with it yesterday evening. But before we opened the package, she tried again to push various combinations of buttons on the old one, instructed by Alexander. And succeeded in getting past the “Slide to power off” screen which Daniella and I had managed (no use because the screen wasn’t responding) to the one with the Apple logo. Then all you have to do is sit there and wait. It soon came back on at full strength.


We haven’t taken the new one back to the shop yet, just in case. Or should I see if they would trade it in for a down payment on a new laptop? This one is pretty antique.


What I need to know is how to recover my Apple password, which I would have needed to set up the new machine. Alexander says my Apple ID is my email address. Perhaps. It would be a comfort to recover that password and write it down somewhere. It’s probably based on the name of some cat.


But meanwhile, I’ve got my dear iPad, and my knitting. I’m quite pleased with the way it’s looking, and have entirely forgiven my purl bumps on the top of the Calcutta Cup panel.

 Wordle: I was surprised to discover how much I enjoy the company of my little group., when I lacked it yesterday.  Doing Wordle alone here on this desktop yesterday evening was no fun at all. When Helen resuscitated the iPad, I couldn’t remember the day’s word (as so often) but I typed in my starter words again, and solved it again in three, and so have retained my modest winning streak.

 I did pretty well today, too.  I got four, beaten only by my daughter Rachel’s three. Theo and Roger joined me with four. Fives and sixes elsewhere.




  1. Mary Lou8:50 PM

    Hooray for the ipad! A new laptop might be just the thing. I like my ipad well enough, but the real workhorse is the macbook. Nice inset of the cup!

  2. Anonymous1:24 AM

    I laughed when you said the password is probably based on the name of a cat, that is what my mom does.
    I gave up on Wordle after my phone wiped out my winning streak for the third time while it refreshed or something.

  3. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Hi Jean, I find that I need both a tablet and a laptop. As someone else said, the laptop is my real workhorse, but I have to use it in a fixed location. Whereas, the tablet can move about with me , in or out of the house. Laptops, no matter how light they are now, do have more weight and are less easy to transport around. You may need my/want to have both. Regards, E

  4. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Passwords have become the bane of our existence. Still waiting for a foolproof substitute. With all the cleverness of the computer world, no one has one up with one yet. Chloe

  5. =Tamar10:44 PM

    Hooray for the recovery of the ipad! Before returning the new one, find out whether they will charge you for having merely had it in your possession even though unopened. They call it a restocking fee. It might be better to trade it in for a laptop; Alexander can probably advise on that.
    The inset looks good. I like the varying shades of background; they coordinate well.
    Like "E", I like the independence of the tablet while needing a laptop for certain features the tablet just doesn't have, or that it makes difficult.

  6. catching up as I was in the hospital during this post. you can reset your apple password however it typically requires another device - like an iPhone. btw the new models use FaceId which means once you login you can use faceid from then on. if you can go to the apple store they will help you change your password on your apple id and likely you can return the iPad and get a new macbook.