Sunday, February 19, 2023

 It sounds stormy out there this evening. I didn’t walk, yet again, but C. took me to Mass, which involves a certain amount of moving about, and later on I did a whole course of exercises by myself, unprompted by Helen or Daniela. Thank you for your inspirational messages yesterday. My next objective must be to do them twice a day. They leave me slightly breathless.


I did quite a bit of knitting. I seem to be zipping back and forth, although I think I still must have nearly 70 stitches in the centre square of my hap. I’m enjoying it a lot. It is pleasant to think that if life takes everything else away, I can probably knit garter stitch squares in my care home. Or even in prison, where there might be a livelier crowd. But that is an unrealistic, if comforting, belief. I read somewhere that when EZ’s dementia was pretty far advanced, Meg tried one day to put knitting needles in her hands but she wasn’t interested. And she loved garter stitch.


I have begun mental work on the borders. I will have to face the fact that I can’t knit one of Gudrun's schemes, and must concentrate on arranging the colours I’ve got over the right number of rows.

I've finished "Old Filth" and have started Gardam's "Bilgewater" which you suggested, Cat. I'm reading it with great pleasure. 


Wordle: Ketki and Alexander are usually early with their contributions. Today neither appeared until Alexander showed up in mid-afternoon with a four. Ketki is still absent, and I’m worried. Her absence altogether takes the bloom off the fact that I scored the only three. (We can shake hands across the miles, Mary Lou, assuming we’re talking about the same day.) My starters gave me one green consonant and two brown vowels. I struggled mightily for quite a while to think of a qualifying word. When I finally came up with one, I didn’t think it at all likely, but it was right. That has happened before. Fours elsewhere except for Mark, who needed five.


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  1. =Tamar3:08 PM

    Good going!
    Sometimes life just gets busy.