Thursday, February 09, 2023

 Daniela got me out today by brute force. We walked to the corner and back. My hip is getting worse, I think: not just unreliable, but also a constant dull ache. Walking is not easy. A good reason for going ahead with surgery. There was a talk about anaesthesia, of all things, on the radio this afternoon during my nap. It got me up and out of bed pretty promptly. 


I moved forward with the knitting. I was in the midst of a row when we went for our walk. I hope I will at least finish it this evening When I do, there will be only one more row before the centre turn-around, when I begin to decrease. I’m doing the panel with the Cup in st st, as adumbrated. I have to remind myself firmly to revert to garter stitch for the ends of the alternate rows.


I must have knit the cup back-and-forth before now. I did a scarf, for instance, for Thomas Miles to celebrate the most recent draw, in 2021. The other end of the scarf has his initials, too. Colour-knitting while purling is no fun at all. That scarf, at least, employed only two colours. Not like now.


Tamar, thank you for the reading suggestions. I’ve never tried Terry Pratchett (I don’t think I like fantasy except for Alice) but maybe I should. I don’t know Barbara Metzger. I’ll add her to my list. Meanwhile I’m doing fine with Sense and Sensibility. It’s a bit grim, all right, but has the necessary sense of underlying peace and order.


Wordle: I was surprised yesterday that nobody else had my grid pattern. Today we all did – grn, grn, grn, ???, grn – except for Theo. Scores depended on how long we had to keep on guessing. Little Rachel and I scored five, with two such guesses. Poor Ketki needed six, with three of them. Four for everybody else except Roger, who logged in at the end of the afternoon with a brilliant three. He appended his WordleBot score: Skill 82, Luck 71. I’d love to have access to WordleBot but I presume that means subscribing to the Times.




  1. Mary Lou1:33 AM

    Jean, I learn so much reading your posts. Adumbrated! I have never heard the word, so now I know what it means. At least for the next few moments. Working colorwork on the purl side is challenging to me, but it is only for a little while. Can you duplicate stitch instead?

  2. I love Stella Gibbons, have recently read Nightingale Wood and also The Woods in Winter. I find them grimly hilarious if that makes sense.
    A friend and I are celebrating the completion of an embroidery collaboration which lasted a whole year, adding pictures to pieces of linen and sending them to each other at the end of the month for the next one. I don't know how one could do this with knitting though. It was great fun, and we are now embarking upon a rerun in cross stitch.

    1. I suppose we could knit squares? Maybe send each other a some skeins of yarn each month and see what came back? Now there's an idea...

    2. I'm sorry to hear about your hip.

  3. =Tamar4:53 PM

    Barbara Metzger occasionally has some mild fantasy in her romances, but many of them are non-fantastical.
    I'm glad you got moving despite the ache. It's important to keep muscle strength up, and easier to keep it than to get it back.
    I once did a kind of intarsia-plus like your current project, and it was a bit of a job with all the different yarns, but mine was much smaller. I had some tiny motifs that I did by cutting off a length of yarn enough for them so I didn't have to wrangle a whole ball of yarn for each bit.