Friday, February 17, 2023

 Another quiet day. Helen is still expected. Daniela put me through my exercises. The weather was on the edge of stormy, and walking offered no temptation.

 Nor did I knit. No excuse. There’s still time to put in an hour. – Now there isn’t. Helen came, and we spent a pleasant time talking about nothing. She says I must soon start doing the exercise routine twice a day.


I’ve been reading “Emma”. I started on the day when I didn’t have my iPad, and thus didn’t have access to my electronic library. Austen is here on a shelf. It’s not my fave (that’s “Mansfield Park”) but it’s really awfully good. She set herself an interesting challenge in a heroine one doesn’t entirely like or empathise with. Whereas in other books, from Elizabeth Bennett to Fanny Price, one experiences it all from within the heroine’s skin. How skilful the author is with names. There’s nothing wrong with “Jane Fairfax”, exactly, but one sympathises with Emma in being slightly irritated by her. It all turns out well, you won’t be surprised to hear.


Wordle: we are spread all along the track today, with myself, I am pleased to report, in the leading group. My starter words gave me two browns and a green. I persevered until I found a fully-qualifying word – I try hard every day, but can’t always do it. Today I succeeded, and it was right. I think that’s true more often than not. So, three for me, where I was joined by Thomas, Granddaughter Rachel, and Mark. There were fours for Ketki, Theo, and Roger; fives for Alexander and Daughter Rachel, his sister.



  1. Mary Lou6:39 PM

    I spent time this morning ripping out and reknitting. It's a simple hat, but I wasn't paying attention during the decrease portion. A friend who went to Alaska brought me a bit of Qiviut, which I am using to make a hat for her. It's astonishingly light. I think I will have a bit of the 1 oz ball left when the hat is finished.

  2. I wonder if you have read any of Betty MacDonald's books? (The Egg and I, for example?)