Tuesday, February 21, 2023

 It has been a day like many another, but I feel unusually flattened. Better than some, indeed, because when I got up as usual at about 6:30 and came along the passage to the kitchen on my way to feed the cats, I saw the beginnings of light at the kitchen window. 


Helen came. I did my exercises. It turns out that the letters yesterday from HMRC weren’t quite as bad as I thought, in that I have already paid a lot of it. But why don’t they know that? Income Tax isn’t the issue this time, but Capital Gains, which I have to pay because I have given Helen the 1/3rd share I used to own in the Kirkmichael house. She would like to live there when David retires. You wouldn’t have thought that that constituted a capital gain, but it does. If I live long enough, she can rejoice when I’m dead because it won’t be part of my estate. But if I die too soon, they’ll come down on her again.


I finished the centre square of the hap I’m knitting, as hoped, and watched Gudrun’s Craftsy lesson again on what comes next – picking up stitches around the edges and doing a few plain colour but slightly fancy rounds before embarking on the Old Shale pattern.


I’ve had a lovely picture of Ketki and Alexander in Indian clothes for the wedding, but I can’t figure out how to get it out of my telephone to show it to you. They both look wonderful.


Wordle: Another day of threes and fours, evenly divided among six of us. I was a four. The exception is Thomas – not in India with his parents – who needed six.


  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    If you have an iPhone, air drop the photo to your iPad.

    Elaine in NYC

  2. Mary Lou9:45 PM

    I got it in four today, as well. There is a fairly serious blizzard just starting, so I'll be happily swatching for a sweater, reading, and nippong out to help shovel.

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Thank you for that picture, Jean. They both look wonderful - and elegant - in those gorgeous colors. Thank goodness color is worming its way back into western style. We need a little sunshine these days. Sorry about the epic loss in Wordle. The silver lining is that it makes the victories that much sweeter. And thank you and Mary for the word of caution about feather-and-fan in garter. I had been contemplating just that in a tiny accessory project. Maybe I will revise to the stockinette version. Chloe