Saturday, February 18, 2023


A peaceful day. I resumed knitting. The stitch count is now below 80 on the centre of my hap. I did my exercises – I suspect they’re useless, but at least they’re not worse than useless. I resumed reading Old Filth. Emma Woodhouse turned up in an FT quiz this morning, but I failed to spot what she had in common with Indira Ghandi. The answer was pretty obscure: in both cases, the names begin and end with the same vowel.


Gudrun’s hap pattern requires more than one 25gram ball of yarn for each of the contrast colours (four in all, I think). That I can’t do. I’ve got plenty of yarn, including several balls in their ball-bands, and am determined, as I’ve said, to make this work without buying more. (Jamieson and Smith gets parcels into the post very briskly – help is at hand if I weaken.) I must work out a plan. But first I must finish the centre square.


Mary Lou, (comment yesterday), I’ve knit with qiviut in my time, decades ago. I remember it as beyond blissful, for softness. Less so for colour, although science may have overcome that difficulty by now. I think I knit a scarf for my sister which was overcome by m**ths not long afterwards, but memory may be distorting events.


Wordle: A bit of a toughie today. The common configuration was ???, ???, grn, grn, grn. I had that twice, and scored five. Poor Thomas had three of them, and scraped home with a six. Big Rachel had two, and also scored six. Roger was today’s star, with three. Fours and fives elsewhere. All of my entries were real possibles today – so that doesn’t always work. One of them, however, was a word we had already had in February. I probably should have spotted that, and avoided it.



  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Those exercises aren't entertaining but I have noticed that in my parish there is a correlation between the people who did the exercises before and after their operation and the people who had a good result. Good luck!

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

      Agree, the exercises are carefully designed to help your body to recover mobility following hip surgery. It's really important to do them, for as many days before (and after) the surgery as you are supposed to and at the recommended frequency. I have seen a real difference in recovery success between those who did their exercises and those who - for a variety of reasons - did not. JennyS

  2. =Tamar8:07 PM

    I have been doing simple low-stress exercises for my left arm because it was unexpectedly weak last Fall. Despite my doing them irregularly, only when I think of it, they have definitely helped. It isn't about heavy work, it's about maintenance.

    Coordinating colors work well; you proved that with the center.

    Blog July 14, 2008, you mentioned knitting a qiviut scarf for your mother, and finding an error (while blocking it) in the lace pattern, a missing repeat, that made one end shorter.

  3. Mary Lou4:22 PM

    I agree with others that friends who followed the excercise routine had a much easier recovery. I also agree that the qivuit colors are not great, but I had the fun of making the hat, feeling the yarn, and giving it back to the friend who purchased it for me. I got wordle in three today!