Wednesday, February 01, 2023


Another good day, although again without much movement. I now have an appt (in six weeks’ time) to talk to a private surgeon. I trust the actual event (hip replacement) will follow shortly thereafter. I am terrified. Some things are best dealt with by not thinking about them.


The Calcutta Cup: the match is on Saturday. Alexander and Ketki (and perhaps some of their dependents) propose to come and watch it with me. (The match is in London this year.) That should be fun. England has a new coach – in the last few days – and a couple of their players are injured, and we’ve been doing rather well lately, so I suppose the case isn’t hopeless, as it usually is when we play in London. I won’t be totally devastated if we lose, because it will ease the pressure on knitting. But winning would be nice, too. Fight fiercely, Harvard!


I have progressed with the hap, although I am beyond the point when an hour’s knitting registers much if any discernible progress.


Wordle: All threes and fours today, except for poor Theo who got stuck on grn, grn, grn, ???, ??? and just managed to scrape home with six. I was one of the fours, and was perfectly happy with that. At the risk of giving something away – which I usually try to avoid – I will say that I entered SCOBY on my line three and Wordle rejected it. It is a familiar word to anyone who has dabbled in fermentation. A quick Google search confirms it as a perfectly real word. It wouldn’t have made much difference to my eventual result.


  1. =Tamar6:54 PM

    I change knitting styles randomly. It makes me a very inefficient knitter, but I doubt I will ever get carpal tunnel from knitting. I have played with continental and Portuguese and even got several sets of hooked needles, which provoked some astonishment among onlookers. I still go back to drop and throw. Do whatever works!
    There will probably be several consultations about the operation, if my friends' experience is any guide.

  2. SCOBY is an acronym, for “Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast”, not an actual word, so Wordle wouldn’t accept it. It’s not used in beer fermentation so we had to look it up….we don’t want the lactic and acetic acid fermentation in beer!

    1. Well, maybe Belgian brewers want the lactic…..

  3. Mary Lou1:27 AM

    Cheering on Scotland with the family sounds like fun, no matter who wins. Perhaps you can indoctrinate Hamish!