Saturday, October 22, 2022


A grey, warm, dull day. I allowed myself the luxury of not going for a walk. Helen’s husband David is here; they came to see me. They’re going to Kirkmichael tomorrow.


And I knit industriously on, not quite as successfully as I had hoped. There are three or four more rows to do in this first cable section. They are long rows. All the cabling is finished, however. Tomorrow should see me well into the i-cord bind-off.


People in the Ravelry group were beginning to wonder whether SW had a fifth clue up his sleeve. So far, this cable section is the only one that’s properly finished. The first section, you will remember, leaves us with those braids, open at the top end. The garter stitch wings were simply abandoned, the open stitches hanging on spare circulars. And this week’s Clue Three will produce long strips with travelling stitches – the sides are unfinished, so they curl in on themselves. I can’t remember where or how they’re attached.


But Stephen himself came on the group to say that no, next week will be the final clue.


The light was going when I stopped knitting. I’ll take a picture in the morning. That will leave you a day behind.


Wordle: I was today’s dunce, with the only six. I had again the experience – as with NONIC, recently – of typing in a set of letters which I didn’t think could be a proper word, and having Wordle accept it. The result wasn’t nearly as interesting as NONIC, however. Thomas and Mark and daughter-Rachel got today’s word in three; Alexander and Ketki and Theo, four. No entry from Granddaughter-Rachel.


  1. =Tamar9:36 PM

    Well, that last one should be a doozie. Is it too soon to make guesses about the overall effect?
    I decided to rest up this weekend, but I rather like warm dull days, as bright reflections (from cars, windows, etc) hurt my eyes. It has been sunny and chilly here.

  2. In a desperate Wordle guess, I typed "FLUMP", which, unbeknownst to me, is a word. I enjoy using it now!