Monday, October 03, 2022


It has been a quiet day, welcome after yesterday’s excitements. I had my weekly bath and haircut and so didn’t attempt a walk. Daughter Rachel phoned. She and Ed are coming to see me soon. She has a friend whose elderly mother – not as elderly as I am – recently fell in the shower and suffered a compound fracture of one or more of her leg bones. I am lucky to have Daniela. Getting in and out of the bath is not easy and demands the full attention of both of us.


Knitting has progressed well. Here is a rather off-centre pic. I’ll take another soon to provide a better view of a cable panel.


I have come away from yesterday’s injections with only the very slightest hint of an ache in one arm. Tamar, what I meant about post-Covid improvement in medical services is the way appointments are now kept on time. Previously there was at least a half-hour wait – family doctor or hospital consultant, it mattered not – in a waiting room with limp three-year-old magazines. Now the magazines have all been swept away, presumably because they Harboured Germs. And the appointment is kept on time, so you don’t have to sit there and wait anyway.


Current affairs: The King and Queen have been to Dunfirmline, which has recently been promoted to the status of a city. He was wearing an impressive pair of red kilt hose. I wonder who knits them for him?


I watched the Chancellor of the Exchequer making a speech to the Conservative Party Conference. He was impressive. I don’t see how he could have been reading from an auto-cue, although I know they can be completely invisible.


Wordle: We didn’t hear from everybody today. The Mileses were off-form: five for Ketki and Alexander, six for their son Thomas. Theo and Daughter-Rachel and I all scored four. My fours are now equal to my fives: 73 of each.


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Glad that you’ve met your goal of equalizing fours and fives! (The Other Kristen)

  2. Mary Lou10:02 PM

    I know after all the work it will be worth it to lengthen the sweater for Helen, but post blocking when you think it is ready to go is not my favorite undertaking!

  3. =Tamar12:12 AM

    On time would be nice. My doctor doesn't have the crowded waiting room of yore, but there is still a slight wait. On the other hand, I always arrive a little early to fill out the form to say that my address etc has not changed. The magazines are still there, but the tables are gone and the television is blessedly silent.

    Some people have impressive memories. I once watched a one-woman show that was well over an hour long, scripted, and done without a prompter.

  4. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Daniela sounds more like a gem all the time. Interesting sidelight about the kilt hose and the Chancellor’s speech. Will have to run off to the Internet to check those out. My previous comment re Wordle was maybe a little too colloquial. I was trying to edit it and jabbed the wrong spot on the screen and off it went to “Publish” without my consent. Scary. Chloe

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