Wednesday, October 12, 2022


I got two more repeats done. I’ve never pushed knitting so hard in my life. That’s ten repeats. Archie is coming tomorrow, and we’ve got work to do – applying for my Blue Badge for disabled parking; persuading my mobile telephone to work. So my knitting ambition for tomorrow is only that 11th repeat. Then on Friday I’ll hope to do the extra bit (effectively, a 12th repeat) and start on the i-cord bind-off. I’m not too far behind. And tomorrow, the second clue!


Someone has suggested we get a tee-shit printed: I Survived the First Clue – Westknits MKAL 2022.


Here’s where I am. Slightly blurry – the light was going. And that is also why I haven’t done the promised braiding.


I am slightly concerned about how solid those two balls of yarn look, after a week of knitting flat-out. And I have a second skein of each of them. 


Helen and I got around the garden this morning. It’s been an off-and-on sort of day, with grey and blustery predominating now. The Times had a useful-sounding article this morning about clothes for the hard times coming – a very tempting  sleeveless jacket stuffed with fleece from Uniqlo, and a black turtleneck from Marks and Spencer to be worn as the first layer under pretty well anything.  


Wordle: I scored a dismal six. I had the last four letters as green tiles. I guessed two words – lines four and five – which I entered simply because they formed a pronounceable combination. I thought Wordle would either reject them or declare them winners. Then I thought of the right answer. I have now looked up my two words – I’ll tell you tomorrow. One of them, at least, is a useful addition to my vocabulary. As for the other competitors, Daughter-Rachel was the best, with three. Ketki and Alexander got four, Thomas and Theo five. Nothing from Mark or Granddaughter-Rachel yet.


  1. Victoria9:08 PM

    It is so much fun to follow along your journey of this MKAL. Your knitting is impressive. I have never participated in an MKAL, I think it might be too much knitting for me. I knit every day but I’m a slow knitter. I can’t wait to see your progress!

  2. =Tamar10:06 PM

    Huzzah! If you want a t-shirt but don't want to print one, good old India Ink is indelible, as is almost any old-fashioned oil paint (but not fabric paint, no matter what it claims).

  3. Mary Lou2:01 AM

    I am impressed at your progress. That looks like some challenging knitting!

  4. Anonymous12:16 PM

    That braid does look good in the video. What a sense of triumph you must have when you have completed that part. Chloe