Friday, October 21, 2022


All well. It was a grey, overcast day, unseasonably warm. There is something to be said for Global Warming at this time of year, and especially as we face a winter in which we’re all afraid that we can’t afford to turn the heating on. Helen came, and we got around the garden.


And the knitting, as suspected, went much better in the morning. Yesterday’s afternoon effort had attached the cable section to the wrong side. There will soon be cables over there, too, but I didn’t struggle with the question of whether my initial, wrong-side attempt could be converted into what will be needed eventually. I ripped it out and started again. Here’s where I am:

 That’s about half-way through the rather small cable panel, 14 rows done of 34. I should finish it tomorrow. Picking up stitches and casting on others is hard work, requiring of close attention. Sunday, for the other one? Once next week gets well underway, this obsessive knitting will have to slacken. Quinn is being baptised on Tuesday or Wednesday. James and Cathy are coming on Thursday afternoon, staying until Sunday. The week after that, Rachel and Ed will be here. And not long after that, my sister and her husband. (They’ll be here for Thanksgiving and I’ll take them out to lunch.) I’ve had a very virtuous year on the cider front. I think I might allow myself a bit extra in November.


You’re quite right, Mary Lou (comment yesterday). I’ve got a pair of nearly-finished socks somewhere. The thing is to find them, and ascertain exactly where I am in the second foot, and keep them handy for relief-knitting. There’s something infinitely soothing about going round and round that small circumference.


Wordle: Five for me and Thomas and Granddaughter-Rachel. It was one of those maddening days when I had the last four letters as green tiles, but guessed wrong twice about the first letter. My scores for four and five are now back to level. Alexander and Daughter-Rachel scored three, Ketki and Theo four. Nothing from Mark.


Anonymous asked on Tuesday, What’s a Jean-word? It’s one that can’t possibly be right, either because it leaves out one or more of the already-established tiles; or puts a brown tile in a position it has already occupied (which therefore can’t be right); or re-uses a letter which has already been eliminated. Such words are often very useful.




  1. I call it 'television knitting '. Round and round and round; currently diverted into making hats for 'shoeboxes',a charity which our church supports Shoeboxes are filled with small gifts, then the box is wrapped and labelled for man, woman, girl, boy, baby, and delivered to a charity which takes them to destitute families in Eastern Europe.

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I congratulate you on your color choices for Twists & Turns, Jean. I think yours will turn out to be frequently worn by a woman of eminence and distinction. It's hard to imagine some of these shawls being worn by grown-ups, based upon the color choices for this particular design. The ones I like best are those with accent colors not too far distant from the two main colors.

  3. Sorry. Should have said Rebecca in Minnesota7:26 PM

    Sorry. Should have said Rebecca in Minnesota

  4. Mary Lou12:26 AM

    Well, you did better than I did. It took me six tries today, I had almost given up hope!

  5. =Tamar4:01 AM

    Socks and hats are excellent restful knitting, as are mittens and possibly infinity cowls once they get started.

  6. Anonymous3:23 PM

    What amazes me is the leap of faith that anyone takes who invests so many hours and probably so much money in something in which they have no idea of the outcome, Especially in the color choices. Luckily with Stephen you learn so much in the process that its apparently never a waste. Thank you again, Jean, for letting us in on the journey. Chloe