Saturday, October 15, 2022


Here’s the beginning of Clue Two – in blessed garter stitch:


That panel goes on until there are five garter stitch wedges (four contrast stripes). Then you repeat that on the other side, ostensibly in reverse garter stitch achieved by purling. And after that there are two cable panels to be fitted in somewhere. You see what I mean about Groundhog Day. But it’s still fun, and it’s wonderful the planning that SW has put into it, the well-written patterns, the very helpful videos.


I gather a lot of you have been over to Instagram and seen me in my tatty brioche sweater, toiling away at Clue One. It’s Helen who maintains that account. She came this morning and we got around the garden. She thinks cod liver oil might help my hip, so I’ll try that.


Wordle: We were stretched out all over the track, today. Two for Ketki, the star. Three for Mark and Theo. Four for Thomas. Five for me and Daughter-Rachel and Alexander, all of whom got caught with four green tiles and any number of possibilities for the empty slot. No news from Granddaughter-Rachel.

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  1. Thank you for the photos of your mystery shawl. I am enjoying the project vicariously and am still amazed at your speed/skill in knitting.
    Wordle in six today and only because I guessed that they would use one of the letters twice.