Thursday, August 25, 2022


All well, although I didn’t get out. I must tomorrow. Archie was meant to come, but begged off for not feeling very well. I’ve got to get that Blue Badge application done, but I’m sure I’m not up to it this evening.


Mary Lou, I am glad to hear of your interest in Lady Longford. I continue to enjoy her biography of Wellington. And Gretchen, I will add her biography of Queen Victoria to my Possibles list.


I have been reading (as above) about the siege of Seringapatam and the death of Tipoo Sahib. If you have never seen it, or haven’t seen it recently, do go to the Victoria and Albert museum the next time you have a chance, and ask for Tipoo’s Tiger. It is a life-sized clockwork model of a tiger eating a life-sized clockwork Englishman. Vaut the voyage. I was very glad to learn that it was the future DukeofW himself who “liberated” it and sent it to his brother, then Governor-General of India, through whose hands it found its way to the V&A.


I’m about halfway through the ribbing of the first Evendoon sleeve. Not much by way of a day’s achievement.


Wordle: We all got three today (Mark back on form) except for poor Thomas, who got stuck in the familiar Wordle trap. He had the first three letters in solid green form by the second row, but that guess was wrong. As was his third, and fourth, and fifth. Mercifully his sixth line was right. I got one green – the final letter – and one brown from my starter words, and following my new, virtuous practice I found a word which a) had that letter in the final position; and (b) had the brown letter somewhere, not where it had been before; and (c) didn’t employ any of the eight letters already eliminated. I typed the word in diffidently, but it was right.


  1. I had the same problem with wordle; I had a choice of three possibles for the remaining letter...

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Wordle in 4 today. Anonymous Janet in Seattle

  3. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Congratulation on your Wordle victory! I struggled today but managed with 5. I consider 3 a total win!!!
    Sarah (in Manhattan)

  4. Julie Dyson8:47 PM

    I googled Tipoo's Tiger and it took me to an article by the V&A which was very interesting, complete with color photos. It seems that the innards still work and there is a video of an expert playing the keyboard. I always learn something from you, Jean!

  5. I was just wondering if there is a You Tube video of that clockwork man being eaten. Off to Google; thanks Julie.

  6. When I was a child, Tippoo's Tiger was kept near the underground entrance to the V&A that came from South Kensington Station. I always looked forward to seeing him.

  7. =Tamar2:35 AM

    Some knitting is better than none, especially when it is ribbing. I hope you and Archie are well. The doldrums of summer are getting to me.

  8. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Tippoo's Tiger is on YouTube. This is one of the videos of it being played

  9. Mary Lou3:14 PM

    Well, there will certainly be an uptick on internet searches for Tippoo’s Tiger. Off to add mine! On the India theme, I received a belated birthday gift last night of The Bangalore Detectives Club, written by an Indian woman who is a professor of ecology in Bangalore. It’s set in the 1920’s. I’ll report back. And Jean, happy belated birthday. It was recently, as I recall.