Thursday, August 18, 2022

 Progress, slow but steady. I did my exercises (except that the last few were interrupted by the doorbell); I got around the garden, prompted by Helen. I picked up stitches and started on the left sleeve of the Evendoon, because Kate Davies says to do the left sleeve first and I am a Blind Follower if anyone ever was. Compared to the body, it fairly sprints along.


I had forgotten that there was so much simultaneous counting to do. The coloured stripes are ten rounds wide, separated from each other by a two-round stripe of white. The decreases (because I’m knitting top-down) for the sleeve shaping happen every 8th round. And one is also responsible for the overall number of decreases. It’s going fairly well. We’re approaching the moment (mentioned somewhere around here previously) when I am going to try to substitute the medium shade of KD’s Ooskit yarn for white (as represented by Schehellion “Crowdie”) in the repeated narrow stripes. I had enough Crowdie for the top two white stripes on the sleeve – enough, that is, that I (think I) can do the same for the other sleeve.


Thank you for your help with the Shadow Stripe pullover. Beth (comment yesterday), the video KD links to makes it sound very easy to do garter stitch in the round, by simply turning around and heading off in the other direction at the end of every round. And it would be easier than ever to do it in two different colours, as here. But Phyllis (another comment yesterday), you are quite right that this particular sweater is knit flat so the problem doesn’t arise. And I’m inclined to agree with you that those shoulders are a bit butch for the average female figure.


It turns out that affixing photographs to my Blue Badge parking application is as easy as inserting them here. I’ll have that finished and off in a day or two.


Wordle: again it was a word I didn’t entirely approve of. Mark and I got it in three, Ketki and her son Thomas four, five for Alexander.


  1. =Tamar8:01 PM

    That's a relief, about the photo insert. I really hate paperwork, and especially online paperwork. And flat knitting definitely has its place.

  2. Anonymous1:45 AM

    I think there is a trunk show at the Yarnery, I’ll take a look and see if the garter stitch sweater is there, in case an in-person evaluation would be useful.