Saturday, August 06, 2022

 I got around the garden this morning with my granddaughter Kirsty, James and Cathy’s youngest. She is about to start her final year at Oxford, reading English. She is having a good time, I think, writing and producing student plays. When we got home, I had her try on the Lilias Day, which fits to perfection:


That’s Paradox you can see the back end of, to the left; and the Schehallion stash on the sofa to the right. Kirsty is very slight of build – the sweater might not fit anyone else. It doesn’t need to, now that it has been happily disposed of.


I didn’t get much knitting done. I’m very near the point at which the sleeve stitches will be left behind (top-down, remember), after which things will seem to go much faster. Measuring is difficult because there is no ribbing at the top – that is yet to come – so it curls. And it is difficult to persuade it to lie flat for measuring anyway, since I am knitting in the round.


Tomorrow Kirsty and Helen and I are going to Jupiter Artland. That unfortunate name – why on earth? – conceals the presence on the outskirts of Edinburgh of a truly remarkable sculpture park. At the moment they have also got a Tracey Emin expo. I can skip that if need be, but will greatly enjoy seeing the sculpture again.


Wordle: It’s easy to report today: everybody got four except me. I needed five. I’m not at all disappointed – I thought it was going to defeat me. My starter words gave me one green consonant and no fewer than three brown vowels. (There: I’ve violated my resolve never to say anything that affects today’s puzzle while it’s still in play. Help yourself to my three vowels.) Sometimes I think I hate vowels.


  1. I've played 174 Wordles... today was the day! My starter word was I've peaked!

  2. We went to Jupiter Artland today. I was very impressed by the sculptures and the layout. It's miles of walking, with a lot of woodland to negotiate. I'm not a fan of Emin's. Least said about that sculpture in the woods the better and I'm no prude!

  3. =Tamar2:45 AM

    The Lilias Day looks good on her!
    The walking practice should make it easier to enjoy the park.

  4. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I must say as long as I don’t completely fail at the Wordle, I’m happy. Getting too quickly takes some of the fun out. I played it with my sisters in NJ who had never played it. The weren’t really too interested in making it a regular activity. Happy to hear you are going a fun art outing!