Monday, August 15, 2022

 The weather can’t be said to have broken, but it has cracked. Today was overcast, a bit cooler, and there has even been a bit of gentle-rain-from-heaven. Helen and I went to a wheelchair shop and bought a wheelchair with which we are both quite pleased. It’s certainly vastly better than the battered objects one finds waiting for passengers at hospital doors. I would like to recover the ability to walk with a stick, and am very cautiously practicing that.


Helen says that the Doocot Gallery is going to have a knitting show soon, and later on there will be a Kaffe show somewhere, so there will be plenty for the wheelchair to do.


Knitting: I finished the penultimate Evendoon stripe. There was enough yarn, but only just. And I’m more than halfway through the final stripe. The pattern says that the model – Kate Davies herself – is wearing the size I am knitting, so I am not going to struggle with the tape measure. I’ll just go by her stripes. I’m perfectly prepared to adjust the length, up or down, if that’s required, after Helen has tried it on. The only anxiety is: am I knitting the right size? And I think I’ll just have to forge ahead and stick the sleeves on and see. I spent a happy afternoon knitting and listening to Kaffe answering questions on a Fruity Knitting podcast for patrons.


Wordle: I was in the Advanced Group today. Thomas and Alexander and I did it in four, Mark five, Ketki six.



  1. =Tamar9:54 PM

    I'm glad to hear the weather has improved. I seem to have regained some energy too; did some long-delayed hemming.
    Didn't she try on the yoke and okay the length+width? It should fit.
    Sigh of sympathetic relief that there was enough yarn for that stripe.

  2. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Great progress on the sweater. You have inspired me to try that one soon. Enjoy the wheelchair rides.