Thursday, August 11, 2022

I usually compose in Word and save and only then move over to Blogger. But today Word won't load. Is the poor computer suffering from the heat?

Kittens tomorrow! Poor C. is having trouble with her refrigerator -- right in the middle of the hottest Edinburgh days in history. A man  -- not the first -- is coming to address the problem at noon tomorrow, so we must get the kittens in early. My Oberlin friend Sylvia, in Binghampton, NY, even older than I am and living much more independently -- Sylvia is having trouble with her refrigerator, and like C. is on to her second repair man. She writes a private blog to friends and family.

I've had a good day. Kirsty came to see me again (James' and Cathy's daughter, here for some Fringe). We got all the way around the garden, and I got a whole set of exercises done this morning as well. 

It will be interesting, when we get to Kirkmichael in a fortnight, to see how our beloved burn is doing. When one goes there and switches off the engine and steps out of the car, the first thing one notices is the sound of the burn. The ancient Romans felt strongly that the sound of water was an important asset to country living. After that moment, one ceases to notice. It's just there. With all this news of the Rhine and the Thames running short of water, one feels a bit anxious about one's burn.

In my last two or three grocery orders I have asked for Dijon mustard and Waitrose has been unable to send it. I was gratified to learn in yesterday’s newspaper that there is a European shortage. France is suffering badly. The problem stems from a failure of the Canadian crop last year, or so they say.

Knitting went well. I'm going to have enough white to finish the Evendoon body. My plan at the moment is to switch to Ooskit – Kate Davies’ natural yarn – for the sleeves. It will at least look symmetrical. And if it fails, I can order another skein of white (Schehellion “Crowdie”) and it will be here promptly.

Wordle: four for everybody today except Ketki, who needed five. Mark and I both had the four final greens in line three, but guessed wrong for the first letter of the word. Ketki and Alexander similarly got the first four greens and guessed the final letter wrong. Thomas was off by himself, getting the middle three letters.



  1. =Tamar9:05 PM

    Good going! i hope all will be well with the burn. The temperature here today seems to have gone down to normal for the season! It is a great relief while it lasts.

  2. MaryLou3:10 AM

    I have heard that the Alhambra was designed so that the sound of water from fountains could be heard in every room. I got Wordle in two today, the first time ever. Sometimes the wild guesses turn out to be right. I used one of your starter words.

  3. How do you go from word to blogger? Do you 'copy all' and then 'paste'? Do you add photos later? I type straight into blogger. Or I should say typo straight into blogger!