Monday, August 08, 2022


C. came to see me, now recovered from Covid but not yet restored to full vigour. We attempted the garden, but I was the one, rather than she, who couldn’t make it. I am still suffering from yesterday’s exertions. We are giving serious thought to the purchase of a wheelchair. My zimmer frame and my new outdoor-walking-machine are both on loan from the NHS. It’s probably time I did something for myself. It would come in very handy on Games Day.


C and I are planning to go see Christina and Manaba’s kittens on Friday.


Knitting went well. I have indeed, as hoped, separated off the sleeve stitches, nearly 100 of them even when the new 10-stitch bridges over the sleeve-holes are taken into account. Simple as it looks, there has been a fair amount of fancy footwork up until now. Henceforth there is a completely straight run to the bottom ribbing. I am expecting things to move briskly.


Wordle: I was right in the middle today:  three for Ketki and her son Thomas; four for me; five for Mark and Alexander. Queer Joe often posts his result on Facebook. He conscientiously waits until the next day, and by then I have forgotten what yesterday’s word was. This isn’t entirely due to senility – lots of us seem to have this problem. Yesterday I had R,E,S, and A, all brown, from my starter words, and after profound reflection, came up with LASER. I was very proud of it, but it was wrong. And I can’t remember what the answer was.



  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Was it “smear”? I often forget the wordle too, for some reason!

    1. Yes, it was smear yesterday. It took me 6, after spear and swear! I got it in 4 today, my husband got it in 3 but we had to look it up this evening to see what the answer was.

  2. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I remember the word if I fail, but when I succeed it immediately vanishes from my memory.

  3. =Tamar4:45 AM

    Smooth sailing ahead!
    If and when you shop for a wheelchair, be sure to sit in them for at least fifteen minutes to half an hour - it's like trying on shoes, it doesn't always hurt at first. Absolutely test different cushions--there is one style I can recommend: it is a foam cushion of medium density, about 3 inches/7 cm thick, that is cut to make it into many small blocks about 2 inches/5 cm square. It is cut on one side about halfway through. I am not in a wheelchair myself but I sit a lot and it is the most comfortable cushion for long sessions I have ever tried. There are probably special covers but I just put it in a pillowcase. I would shop for the cushion first. I don't know the brand, it was a gift.

  4. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I'm not a Wordle participant, but thought with those letters it would be ironic if the forgotten word was erase

  5. Anonymous3:58 PM

    When my mother had pain when walking due to bad osteoporosis, she got a transport chair. It is lightweight and folds. Wheelchairs are for people who cannot walk and should be carefully fitted to the body of the person using them (transport chairs also need the foot rest fitted). Transport chairs are for people who need them for longer trips but are not meant to be lived in. Be sure to wear the seatbelt! Uneven ground or sidewalks can stop the chair on a dime, threatening to pitch the rider to the ground. Here in the U.S. you can get a transport chair at a speciality pharmacy. They are cheap in comparison to a wheel chair.

  6. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Can I add a small amount of advice about wheel chairs. A friend has just acquired one that her family bought. Unfortunately it is clearly one for indoors. It is very difficult to keep stable when pushing it along pavements. Go to a proper shop and try them and take advice from the staff. You don’t want to get it home and not be able to use it.

  7. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Dear Jean, an additional means of transport is a good idea. It doesn't mean you will give up on walking!
    My husband, age 85, has developed a severe scoliosis and has difficulty walking long distances even with a cane. On our recent trip to San Francisco to see our daughters and grandchildren, we rented a motorized scooter which came apart easily to store in the trunk of a car. It made all the difference in the world. The kids loved riding on the back and he was able to join all our activities. Fortunately, almost all places are "accessible" so we even went on the ferry.
    Now that we are back in New York City, I am trying to convince him to get one here.
    Sarah in Manhattan

  8. Anonymous12:18 AM

    it may be possible to rent a lightweight folding wheelchair for outdoors from a pharmacy, or a specialized shop. Then you can try it to see if it really suits you and your needs.
    Lisa RR