Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Rain! I’ve advanced to the terminal ribbing on the Evendoon sweater body. Archie and I made good progress this morning with my application for a Blue Badge. Not a bad day.


A Blue Badge is a useful tool for disabled people – which is what I seem to have become. You put it on the dashboard of any car you happen to be riding in, and it lets you park in a lot of extra places. My husband had one. You have to turn it in when you register a death. Application is all on-line these days. Archie and I gathered a lot of the material needed to prove identity and address and I answered a lot of questions about infirmity. I must press on with the application.


Wordle: five for me and Ketki, four for each of the boys. I was cross at my own ineptitude this morning: my two starter words gave me two greens and a brown. For line 3 I put in a real Jean word – it couldn’t have been right, and it taught me next to nothing. For line four I persevered and got a potential winner, except that the initial letter was wrong. That’s a Wordle special; success is a matter of luck. If I had persevered earlier on, I might have had a four like the boys.



  1. =Tamar8:02 PM

    Ribbing shouldn't take long at the rate you are progressing. Good for both of you on starting the application. The parking accommodation really does help. The rain is good news too.

  2. Anonymous4:02 AM

    I took five today - if I had taken a few more moments I might have done it in four. How nice to have Archie to help with the online process. I’m still swatching endlessly. At least I have a pair of sock to help me feel as though I’m making progress somehow.