Tuesday, August 09, 2022


Helen came this morning. I was still feeling too flattened by Sunday’s brush with culture for much walking, but we went out and progressed along the pavement for a while. Kathy of Kathy’s Knits said hello as she whizzed past on her way to open the shop.


The knitting of the Evendoon has speeded up as hoped. I got quite a bit done today while catching up with Franklin-in-Paris. He must be supported by his Patreon patrons, like Andrea and Madeleine of Fruity Knitting. And, like them, I’m sure he gives good value.


Thank you for comments, as always, and especially for advice on wheelchairs. We had been about to order a basic one which Helen found on-line, but I think after reading your comments that we had better go down to the near-by stuff-for-the-disabled shop and discuss the matter with them. Even a basic one costs quite a bit.


Wordle: three for Alexander, four for Ketki and her son Thomas, five for me, and a most uncharacteristic six for Mark. I thought it was a particularly silly word today – there’s another broad hint for you. I was interested to learn from your comments that many of you share our difficulty in remembering the answer the next moment after solving the puzzle. I have started keeping a list among the Notes on my iPad although I don’t know what that will achieve.


  1. It's a good idea to take time over choosing a wheelchair. The basic ones can be very heavy. A lightweight one that folds up for a car journey is best.

  2. You should be able to save on VAT even without paperwork from doctor, be sure to ask!

  3. Anonymous12:20 AM

    The sweater stripes are really cheerful! Great colours.
    Thanks for posting that photo.
    Lisa RR

  4. Victoria4:07 AM

    Dear Jean, hello! I’ve been reading your blog entries for a few days and they have become such a lovely part of my night routine. I just wanted to say hi and also, the trick you shared the other day for M1L, M1R "I’ll be right back, I left the front door open" is the best trick ever!!!!!! Thank you!!!

    1. I, too, use that hint all the time and I learned it here on Jean's blog.

  5. Victoria4:07 AM

    Also I love the colors of your stripes, this sweater is going to look amazing!

  6. Anonymous10:22 AM

    We had a folding wheelchair for Mum, then for Dad, as the main purpose was to make it possible for them to go to places and to do things which they no longer had the leg power for. Being able to put in in the car widened the options a lot. A folding one plus maybe a nice soft cushion might be a good option. We didn't know about the cushions but neither parent complained even on outings of a few hours. We had the "Drive" brand travelite chair in a bag from www.drivemedical.co.uk.
    If you compare the cost to good yarn for a sweater, it does not seem so much.....and yes, often there is a no VAT option.

  7. Mary Lou2:10 PM

    Evendoon looks lovely! Are those colors left from the original, or did you select from stash?

  8. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Franklin is in Edinburgh,will you get to meet him?