Sunday, August 14, 2022

 We’ve had several rumbles of thunder in the last few minutes! There’s another!


C. and I got perhaps nearly half of the way around the garden this morning. Better than yesterday’s total idleness.


Here is a picture of the kittens taken by Christina last week. In the background you see a neighbour, for some reason occupied in trying to extract the fourth kitten from under the furniture:

And here is the fourth kitten:


Knitting: that also went well. I am knitting the penultimate stripe. The dark colour required turns out to be the one colour I don’t have in abundance. I’ve got two very dark balls of Schiehellion: plenty for requirements, close enough to each other that there will be no difficulty in using both -- but I can’t change from one to the other in mid-stripe. This is the second dark stripe, and I decided to go for the ball with which I had knit the first one, although not absolutely sure I had enough to finish the stripe. It’s what we call living dangerously, and the experience has kept me knitting hard to see the result. I’ve now finished seven of the ten rounds, and am pretty sure I’ve got enough to get home. But not absolutely sure.

 Wordle: Very difficult today, but perfectly fair. I was delighted to get it in six. Alexander needed five, Thomas four, Mark (blast him) only three. Ketki hasn’t been heard from yet. Maybe it defeated her. I found it impossible, at the end, to think of a guess to finish out the grid, except for the right answer. Maybe she is just stuck.




  1. =Tamar9:59 PM

    Here's hoping that the rain will break the heat as it did here. Good for you, getting out to the garden again! The kitties are just darling, and Four knows how to pose,

  2. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Love those Kittens! Anonymous Janet