Wednesday, March 29, 2023

 A chilly, grey day. Helen says it’s cold in Greece. We’ve got Fergus’ recent birthday to date our memories by. I was there in Thessaloniki when he was born, and the weather was lovely. The frogs were all singing the Croaking Chorus from the “Frogs” of Aristophanes. And now Fergus is 21, and I am lame. Helen says there is wild asparagus in the supermarket. That’s something.


I got my assigned portion of edging-knitting done, and hope to knock off another scallop this evening. I often say that, and almost always fail.


I’ve had two scam phone calls today. I think they were scams – but such things (they are frequent) leave me anxious and unsettled.


Wordle: I thought it was a stinker today. My line three was perfectly plausible, but wrong. Then I couldn’t think of anything for a long time – breakfast over, newspapers read. Finally I hit upon a Jean-word which might be useful – and was. Three greens and a brown. All I had to do was find one more letter and slot it and the brown into their places. Even that wasn’t easy, but eventually I succeeded and thus scored five  Thomas and Ketki and Roger joined me with that score. (That proves it: it wasn’t easy.)  Mark and Daughter-Rachel and Theo had four. Alexander beat us all with a three.


Yesterday’s word was HURRY. All I wanted to say about it – not very interesting – is that it figured in an intelligence test I took long, long ago. We were set COME TO LONDON in a letter-substitution code, and asked to write HURRY in the same code. One soon discovers that none of the letters in COME TO LONDON reappear in HURRY, and soon after that one notices that each letter is replaced by the one after it in the alphabet: DPNF UP MPOEPO (that’s not guaranteed, but you get the idea). Then you have to use the same system to encode HURRY.




  1. =Tamar8:36 PM

    Here I mostly get robocalls, which are easy to identify. No real company uses a robocall. I also have caller ID, and never answer a call that is not on my "white-list". Though sometimes if I am out, I have to listen to the answering machine, but even then the scams are easily identified. Caller ID is a great saver of time and feeling. Can you get it where you are?

    Well done, getting ahead on the edging!

    It's a bit chilly today, though three months ago I would have called it warm. The daffodils are waiting for warmer weather and the cherry blossoms have fallen.

  2. Mary Lou11:31 PM

    I would have failed as one of the ‘clever girls’ coding during the war. I made wordle in five today. Our snow is evaporating, rather than melting. I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or not. I can’t wait to see some daffodils!

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Those fake calls including robo ones un-nerve me too. I’ve gotten so that if it is an 800 number and they don’t respond right away after I say Hello, I hang up. But that’s not always the right answer. One of our utility companies kept calling but never answered for several seconds. Luckily my husband answered because I was in the shower and had the patience to wait longer. There had been a mix-up with our credit card and they weren’t getting the automatic payment. On one hand they had a clunky phone system - it Really took a long time for them to respond - on the other hand it was to their credit that they were persistent rather than cut off our utility after the second or third failure on our part to respond to their silence. Modern life! Chloe

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM

      I never answer "hello" any more; I say, "This is Cam." Computers can't deal with that at all, so they hang up on me. Works at least 90% of the time. Cam

  4. Anonymous1:44 PM

    My husband answered MY phone. Thought I’d better include that since all the “answering” and “responding” could be hard to follow. Chloe