Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Today’s news is nothing to do with cats or even with knitting. If you go to and look for Helen Miles, you will find her new mosaic book. It won’t be published for a few days yet, and she hasn’t even got copies herself, but there it is on Amazon.


Otherwise there is little to report. I have made some progress with the hap shawl edging – I’m not far along enough yet to begin to get forgetful. I’ve memorised it – it’s very simple – and that speeds things forwards a bit. And I finished a ball of yarn this morning – that’s always an achievement in this yarn-y house.


Thank you for your comments, especially yours, Shandy, which makes a lot of sense: to move in with Helen and plan regular respite sessions in expensive nursing homes. I did enjoy, when I was in one last summer, the sense that help was available all night every night, right there. And much of the time these days, Helen’s household consists of herself and Archie, so I wouldn’t be too much of a crowd. And Daniela could still come to us there. And the cats could come with me to Helen’s house, but not into a nursing home. The thought of actually moving out of here is appalling. Maybe when Rachel and Ed are here next month and have observed me tottering about for a couple of days, we could have some sort of a conference.


Wordle: (to turn to a more cheerful subject) I had three browns this morning, two vowels and a consonant. I deliberately put in a Jean word for line three – it re-used a letter already eliminated. It was wrong, of course, but very useful. I scored four. So did most others, but Ketki and Mark had threes.  I’ll try to remember tomorrow to tell you the principle that guided me to that Jean-word.



  1. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Congratulations to Helen! That's an amazing achievement to complete a book.
    Glad you can use the blog as a sounding board for ideas! It could be so lovely to move into Helen's house - that is a big commitment on her part. Is Helen's house all on one level? or is enough of it on one level for your purposes?
    I was also thinking that having Daniela continue to come to Helen's place would be very helpful for both you and Helen. Maybe more than one "Daniela" is needed to fill the week, especially if Helen is busy with mosaics.
    Of course moving is extremely stressful at any time. But managing on one's own is not always possible (or safe). If you are ready to make the decision, then you seem ahead of the curve - not having it made for you.
    Your readers are thinking of you! We want to keep reading about your amazing knitting creations far into the future.
    keep very well as the spring flowers open
    Lisa RR in Toronto

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I'm pleased you found my comments helpful - always easier to be clear what others should do rather than what one should do oneself. But the advantage of that plan would be that should you need more extensive support you would already feel comfortable in the nursing-home setting. And Helen's trips to Greece would be facilitated by the respite visits. Now might be a time to review that list of books you made up some time ago.
    Oh, and congratulations to Helen on the book: a great achievement!

  3. Mary Lou3:10 PM

    Helen, Daniella, Archie and respite in the fancy nursing home sounds like a good solution. Moving will be stressful, as it is for anyone, and the longer you have lived in one place, the more stressful. Once, done, however, you can relax and knit when not out exercising!