Saturday, March 11, 2023


I must keep my eye on the clock – there’s rugby to watch soon: France-England, in Paris I think. I cheer for France. Scotland will play Ireland here in Edinburgh tomorrow. Ireland are sweeping all before them this year, but Scotland are not doing too badly and will have what they call Home Advantage.


Helen came this morning and we walked out, briefly. It was cold but bright and wonderful and vernal. I was taken aback at how feeble I am. The hip is somewhat worse, I know; nights are sometimes uncomfortable. But is that all? Helen thinks total rejuvenation is possible if I do more exercises. There is an obituary in today’s Times of a doctor, distinguished for his work in pharmaceuticals, who drank and smoked and didn’t do his hip exercises. He scooted around the kitchen on an office chair. I hadn’t thought of that.


I got back into Craftsy with ease this morning. The I-am-not-a-robot test came up instantly and was embarrassingly easy. I feel sure yesterday’s difficulty was their fault and not mine. I’ve finished the lacy round. There will be two more, I think. I may be able to knit a bit during today’s rugby.


Wordle: Ketki was late today; Alexander hasn’t been heard from yet. I’ve emailed to ask what’s up. They could still be in India, for all I know.


The rest of us were somewhat spread about today. Roger was worst, with five. Mark was best, with a brilliant two. His starter word provided one brown, and he lept from there to an unlikely win. Three for Thomas, fours for the rest of us, including me.  


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  1. =Tamar8:53 PM

    So I'm not the only one! I have an office chair in the kitchen because that way I will stay there while waiting for something to simmer down. I also have a landline phone in the kitchen (steam and airborne grease are very bad for modern electronics).

    Speaking of electronics, when a site just spins forever, I test it by going to a different site. If that works, then it's not my fault.