Sunday, March 05, 2023


I have quite enjoyed my unsupervised day, but I won’t be sorry to see Daniella tomorrow morning. I depend on her much as Bertie Wooster depends on Jeeves (my current reading matter). Daniella never says “Yes, Madam”, and there is no reason to suspect that Jeeves could speak a word of Rumanian or Modern Greek, but both are indispensable and of high intelligence. Daniella will be able to figure out a way to block the shawl.


 The knitting goes forward somewhat slowly, but steadily. The Calcutta Cup panel is useful as a constant quick reminder as to which is the right side. I did my exercises, all unsupervised. Walking would be impossible without someone to help me get my walking machine down the six steps at the front door and anyway it was rather cold. 


I saw Helen briefly this morning as she swept in to gather up some mosaic materials on her way north. She assures me she won’t get snowed in at Burnside. I’m not entirely convinced. It has turned cold, and the forecast is gloomy.


She taught an on-line class yesterday and was full of enthusiasm for the system. Gone the tedious hours setting out materials for the students and tidying up after them. And it’s possible to teach more of them at a time on-line, and therefore earn more money,


Wordle: Four for me today, the majority score. Thomas and Theo needed five. Theo’s father Roger scored a distinguished three. The pattern into which a lot of us fell today, including me, was grn, grn, ???, grn, grn.


  1. =Tamar6:59 PM

    Good for you!
    I suspect that, had it been necessary, Jeeves could have dealt with a bit of modern Greek, possibly with a discreet handbook for the traveler.
    Could you walk down the hall and back, once or twice, just to keep moving? Not that I do it, though I do have stairs to keep me active.

  2. I walk around indoors, or on the spot. It's toooòo cold outdoors at the moment!

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Jean has anyone discussed lifting tiny 2-pound weights with you? Does that sound too much? 5 repetitions of just one easy movement just twice a week? Does that sound too much? Have you already tried it but didn’t like it?…Just asking. Chloe