Saturday, March 04, 2023

 A fairly successful day. The knitting moves forward – two and a half rounds so far today, and I hope for more. I am adding eight stitches every other round as I move outwards from the centre, and they are beginning to tell.


C. has gone to London where she is staying with her cousin Big Rachel. Helen is teaching mosaics in Perth next week, staying in the Kirkmichael house, apprehensive of the forecast cold weather. And Daniela has Sunday off as ush. I am on my own (except for cats) until Monday morning. I m very lucky that such solitude is unusual.


I keep meaning to say that I am glad the lab-leak theory is back near the top of the list to explain the origin of Covid. I am a great fan of William of Occam. His principle, known as Occam’s Razor, is (roughly translated) that the simplest explanation is likely to be the right one. There are wet markets selling strange creatures all over China. There are not many world-class virology labs.


Wordle: I scored a quick and easy three this morning. It was a common score. The only outliers were Thomas, with five; and Big Rachel, with an impressive two.


Yesterday my starter words gave me a green vowel, U, in position 3; and three further browns. I wish I could remember what I entered on line three – I wasn’t at all sure that it was a word, but Wordle accepted it. It wasn’t right but it helped, and I scored four. However, what I wanted to tell you is that when you know you have a U it is always worth trying a Q with it. It’s a letter that (understandably) tends to get forgotten about otherwise. If I had done that yesterday, I might have found the solution – SQUAT – in three. I had all the other letters, as browns.  I kept trying to find something that would let me keep ST together.


Surely someone left a comment about the loss of a tremendous winning-streak. I can’t find it to salute you by name, but you have all my sympathy. My best is a pretty undistinguished 59. Currently it stands at seven. I missed both DEBUG and FIFTY in February.




  1. Fiona6:59 PM

    FIFTY caused me to lose a streak of 57. More galling was the fact that try 6 omitted an already green letter. What on earth was I thinking?

  2. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Congratulations on your WORDLE

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Congratulations on your Wordle score! I also managed 3 today and yesterday a 4, achieved by cheating a bit. I had the last two letters in the right place, so I looked up (thanks Google) words that end in AT, and tried the first that had the S. But alas, it was not quite the right word.
    Has Paradox had her surgery yet? I keep thinking of her. It really doesn't seem to bother cats too much, but they often hide their feelings.
    Glad knitting is progressing well!
    Sarah in Manhattan

  4. Anonymous10:26 PM

    The previous short comment was a mistake. I hit the wrong key by mistake! I can't figure out how to delete a comment...oh well.

  5. Mary Lou11:52 PM

    My former acupuncturist, who is from China and worked in the health care and research system there, told me early on (before lock down) that her colleagues in China told her it was a lab leak. I have to say, in spite of being fairly competitive, I never look at my wordle streak. I'm happy not to fail too often, but otherwise, I never check! I taught a darning class today, which was much more fun than i thought!

  6. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Jean has anyone discussed lifting tiny 2-pound weights with you? You could do them seated. If your doctor says okay it might help your overall weakness issue. After all the heart is a muscle….or maybe it is not wise for other reasons. Just a thought.

  7. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Sorry. That was Chloe