Saturday, March 18, 2023


Perdita continues well – at least, the last time I saw her. She spent part of last night with me, and ate an antibiotic with her breakfast this morning. But now – late afternoon – I don’t know where she is.


Today is the last day of this year’s Six Nations rugby. Scotland beat Italy in the early match – it was a Hollywood-type thriller at the end. France beat Wales handily – I didn’t watch that one. And soon England will play Ireland in Dublin. I’m going to have to cheer for England, although it goes against the grain. They’re very much the underdog – that helps. Franklin has solved our St Patrick’s Day problem, by the way. Trust him! The feast day is shared by Ste Gertrude of Nivelles, who is patroness of cats. I’ve checked it out– he’s right, of course.


I’ve got the iPad showing the match here at my elbow, and am very glad to report that history has moved on to the point where the English team is able to sing their national anthem in Dublin. Very recently, that wasn’t possible.


Not much knitting, but I hope for a bit more during the rugby. Three rounds to go, I think.


Wordle: Two for Alexander and Ketki – remarkable! Three for Mark, four for the rest of us.


  1. =Tamar7:15 PM

    Perdita is probably feeling better, if she's decided to snub you.
    Here in Maryland, the narcissus are looking overblown, while the daffodils are just stems so far. The weather is nice all week, then cold and wet on weekends.
    Sorry if this posts twice, the tablet blipped at me.

  2. I do believe spring might be arriving- yesterday afternoon snd this morning are sunny! The weeping willows are like pale green waterfalls. Our neighbour is a bit of a beat freak gardener. His crocuses have come up inches front lawn in orderly rows. The flowers themselves look rather dishevelled, flustered, even, to discover themselves inthis situation