Sunday, March 26, 2023


Today is in a sense the anniversary of the day when C and I flew to Athens to stay with Helen for a week – clocks-forward Sunday, perhaps ten years ago.. I worried about whether the taxi we had booked to get to the airport would remember to set its watch forward. My husband at that stage was about at the point of decline where I am now. My other three children rallied round and took care of him all week – Alexander driving him door-do-door from here to James’ and Cathy’s house in London, selected because they had a layout that could accommodate him downstairs. And eventually drive him back again. We had a grand week, and I think my husband enjoyed himself too. 


I’ve just heard from Helen, writing from the runway at Gatwick, to say that Daniella can’t come this week but she (Helen) has succeeded in securing the services of Michaela who has pinch-hitted before. This must be because of chicken pox, which was threatening when Daniela was here yesterday. Hamish (above) and his brother Quinn have also got it. Nasty disease.


There is little to report otherwise. I’ve knit a bit. It was difficult to get up an hour earlier and to get to Mass on time, but we did it. I am sure I have lost ground lately, as if that surgeon’s verdict that I am too risky to operate on has somehow knocked some stuffing out of me.


Wordle: really depressing news here I had all the information I needed – two greens, three browns – after line two. But I moved too fast (or it was too early in the morning) and typed the (obviously) wrong answer into line three. I then rearranged the letters and got it right and thus scored four. There were lots of fours today. Ketki had the only three. Daughter-Rachel needed five.


  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    But are you sure that is what he said, Jean? Have you had his written summary of your meeting? Did he not advise you to wait for the NHS to call you because they would have the intensive care facilities to support you if need be whereas a private hospital would not? If - Heaven forbid - you fell and broke your hip, they would almost certainly do the operation, since the benefits would outweigh the risks.

    1. Anonymous6:20 AM

      Jean, I thought you said that the doctor at the private hospital recommended waiting for the NHS to reach your turn, because they had the facilities for specialist care if there were complications. I have it in my mind that you said he rated the risk of complications at 10%. That means a 90% chance that everything would proceed smoothly.........

  2. I have to agree with anonymous above. I don't think you heard exactly what you think you heard from this doctor. He was telling you that he said that HE wasn't the doctor for you, not that the surgery wouldn't be beneficial. Please continue your exercises and plan on getting the surgery when it becomes available through NHS. Also, I'm curious about the chicken pox - is the vaccine for chicken pox not recommended there? I know both my grandchildren have had it

  3. Chicken pox is also the same virus as shingles, which hits when you are older (I got it the year I turned 50!) There is a shot for it now, but I figure I increased my immunity because of having had it. If you had chicken pox as a child, and haven't had shingles, please look into the shot, shingles is miserable.

  4. =Tamar6:17 AM

    What they said - get a second opinion.
    My older sister's natural immunity to chicken pox wore off after 20-plus years (we all inherited it from our mother, none of us caught it despite repeated exposure) and she caught a very mild case from her daughter. So the rest of us went in and got the vaccination, and then the one against shingles.

    The daffodils are beginning to bud.

  5. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Yes, get the shingles shot! And ditto what everyone else wrote. Explore all options. Chloe

  6. Mary Lou7:17 PM

    I had chicken pox as a child. My doctor recommended the shingles vaccine, as the disease itself can cause serious problems. The vaccine left me under the weather for a few days, but no longer.